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Jun 30, 2021

If you are a true fan of a number of Marvel games, there is no way to lose some extraordinary experiences in the world of mobile games. Some notable names in the leaderboards like Marvel Strike Force, Marvel Contest Champ f Champ Champions, etc. However, the recent Marvel Future Revolution release has breathed new life into the world of Spider-Man. How can I say this is a new wave? Because for the first time in the world of Spider-Man, the definition of the multiverse has reached new heights.

Crystal story after the war

The story begins with the abandonment of the character's vision. The reason for this sacrifice is that the universe no longer exists as one earth, but many; Together they form the main earth. To prevent this from happening, Viz used the Convergence Engine and suddenly destroyed the world. Taking advantage of this delicate situation, a team of villains was formed. Playing the role of hero to destroy them and save humanity.

The two-sided face of a magnet: good or bad

When the inevitable need Ma also occurs when the connection of villains like Thanos, Red School, Maestro, etc. is not made for any good reason. This is the birth of a powerful army of heroes capable of attacking and destroying to stop their crimes. If you are involved, you can choose a hero from 8 different characters in the game. These are characters that you don't need to unlock, but you can still use them.

Change Hero Create your own superhero

In fact, as the number of characters increases by hundreds, you increase the level. With this variety, you can freely choose the right character for each different battle. In addition, you can change the characteristics of the hero and combine them to create a hero. In general, like some other games, you can also choose the outfit. In addition, you can also attach the arms, legs, and head of the hero.

The world you will go to America

The Marvel Future Revolution is considered to be a very unique and interesting fantasy world. Fantastic about places to visit and explore? It could be a real city or even a trip to Xander, spending space and time exploring the Kingdom of Hydra. With different locations, we attract the best with emotional stories. I emphasize that it is an open world, a mixture of real and virtual worlds.

Free action game

The charm of Marvel Future Revolution does not stop at two aspects: characters and spheres but also impresses with its unique gameplay. Since this is an RPG action game, all your on-screen manual controls determine the actions of the hero and the direction you want to take. Unlike other passive games that use Virtual D-Pad Convention, this makes you very bored after a while.

What is the wheel of skill?

After leading the hero in the direction you want, the next important step is your ability. This game allows you to use the wheel of skill to demonstrate your power. The fight is yours because it ultimately depends on the intelligence of the strategy combined with ingenuity at every move. It's all in your hands. So, by actively participating in the battle, you will learn more experience to increase the value of the hero!

Additional game background

The open world of the game is understood both literally and figuratively. It is a place where you are surrounded by many different superheroes walking on the ground and flying in the air. Therefore, this game gives you the opportunity to fly completely in the air. You can attack or resist the villain flexibly and quickly from the air to the ground and vice versa. This factor is worth a lot compared to similar games.

How do you turn

The more you play, the more your strength and device will gradually deteriorate. If you do not move forward with bigotry, you will have to step out of the world of the Marvel Future Revolution. In addition to passing the game screen, you can sharpen your powers by stealing the weapons and costumes of other heroes. Why are skins on the updateable list? Because many types of skins are supported in combat with extra functions and amazing effects.

Are you happy to get a multiplayer player?

This happens entirely in the Marvel Future Revolution. The game is currently published in PVCenio Cooperative with the participation of 4 players. As such, you will find yourself on the playground against a boss who is extremely cruel to humanity on the playground.

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