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Huuuge Games - Play Together
1.10.2 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 27, 2021

Matchland is a puzzle game with unique, exciting, and impressive gameplay. It’s an escape style that players can use to recreate anything in their proud days. And in this game, players will recreate an abandoned theme park and make everyone laugh like Jenny. Players will not only manage to recreate an amusing theme park for everyone, but they will also experience the endless puzzle challenge of the game. If you are interested in restoring every field from the outside, restoring every field, creating a park, planting trees, etc. then come to the game and start your journey.

The Gameplay

Gameplay primarily offers players endless puzzle challenges. However, if the player completes the challenge, they will get a star. Wires have been laid in all the works in the reconstruction theme park. The wiring is used to recreate every interior, decoration and a few other things. The game requires stars to advance everything and even stars for certain tasks so that players have to complete challenges. In short, everything in this game will make the gameplay of this game endless and there are many things that players have to do. The park will be divided into separate zones for players. Each field will be the subject of entertainment and recreation so that players can create the right environment for them. This game will have endless inspiration for players to create or decorate. This will help make players more comfortable in life when choosing the right furniture.

The challenges in this game are classic match 3 puzzles in which the player has to move around and get blocks of the same color. And yes, there are more interesting things like more blocks in a row, bigger dots, and auxiliary blocks. Auxiliary blocks have many different shapes and use. They are displayed based on the number of blocks and the player's match. To complete the challenge, the player completes only the specified requirements and as few steps as possible. There are a lot of requirements that appear at random. If a player completes a challenge with the remaining number, the score is multiplied further.

If the player continues with interior decoration or structural repairs, there must be a star to run it. And for every object, wall, or corner, there are always three types of designs to choose from. They always work together to create a unique color theme for the theme park. Of course, players can still test and blend their creativity. Creating a theme park for gamers will take a lot of time, but there are lots of fun and mini-games for gamers. The game also has an interesting and exciting storyline in which many other characters take part. If players can’t enjoy match 3 puzzles, they can have enjoyable interactions with other characters.

If you want to create a theme park for yourself or challenge yourself through Match 3 puzzle challenges, join Matchland and start your journey.

  • After each level passed, you will receive a lot of money

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