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Apr 03, 2021
Minecraft Earth allows players to create a vast virtual world in their real world. With the latest AR technology, you will be impressed with what this game has to offer.

In almost a year from now, Minecraft has registered a very well-known name, as it provides the gaming community with a completely different entertainment space than the nicknames of the time. If you want to play a special game, you have to complete daily achievements, quests and many other daily missions. Everything must be thoroughly designed and arranged so that players can understand the observed gameplay. But Minecraft doesn’t follow that path; This lets players do what they want. It's something the gamer wants to enjoy and it's new. When you enter the game, no one gives you instructions on what to do in this world. Players will have to get a foothold in search of ways to survive and new challenges will gradually affect the gameplay. In short, the ultimate goal you will achieve is to stay alive.

Join the global community of builders and dealers.

What makes this game so special is that it allows you to enjoy something called "life". Law !!! You will survive in this free world. It’s an open world, an imaginary world where you can do whatever you want without worrying about social restrictions or the like. The game is getting more and more viral and a lot of people are participating in it and enjoying it and things are expanding. Mojang is very skilled at recognizing what the next players need to experience. Before that, their players can do anything in the game that they want to emulate in life. But things are starting to get very exciting; You are immersed in your own virtual world and want everything you see in the game to come true. The answer to the main problem is AR technology. This technique used in Minecraft is an ideal combination. A world simulation game just like the real world. Whatever Minecraft Earth will bring will be beyond the imagination of the players.

Mojang worked with Minecraft to create this highest version of the game. They developed it on two iOS and Android smartphone operating systems. At the moment, the game is still in the works, so the only way to register for the games in advance on reputable download sites. But it will be released worldwide soon this summer. If you are still interested in sports, do not be afraid to follow this article from me. You will receive instant notification when the game starts. The DLC on our website is completely free. So rest assured.

Make everything ...

Basically, everything that happened to you in Minecraft is fully customized for the game and has received a lot of changes to make it more exciting. Since this is a product made by Mojang himself, he has the right to do whatever he wants with the game. The content, story and graphics are all modified to maintain depth, but they do not lose their essence. The graphics of the game are similar, 8-bit blocks are arranged to become symbols that repeat this world. However, thanks to the new AR technology, everything has been made in more detail. Before that, everything was done with a pixel density that wasn't very good, so the image was blurred and viewing angles were limited.

Kick anywhere!

But AR clarifies everything and you’re the one to adjust the character’s perspective. So everything is best displayed. Also, all images are merged with the image on the camera screen through the camera lens. It will be more real than before. Your home will be a palace in which you and your brothers will build together. The fields will be full of cows, chickens, horses with block motifs ... even small street corners will take on an adventure of color. The sound system will work properly even if you enjoy the effects that come with the action on the phone screen. AR game also means leaving the world to communicate. Isn't the sound of the world enough to make you happy?

The gameplay is very simple and there is nothing new compared to what you can do with the original version. These players can quickly get into the habit of playing without taking much time to study. Everything is shown and rotated by the game's AR display. The familiar dog or supermarket at the end of the residential area is now very different from the neighborhood you frequent. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Do you dare to take these services? Is.

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