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Gameloft SE
1.2.3e for Android
Updated On:
Mar 22, 2021

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is the world's leading FPS action game. This is the fourth installment of Gameloft's popular modern combat shooter series. Connectable is a great fantasy action shooter for gamers. Due to the amazing features and dramatic level, the player is gorgeous. With the shooting series, developer Gameloft has opened a new chapter on action games for mobile devices. These 4 versions promise to bring you an "already" experience while playing the game. Stop and find out how beautiful it is through this article!


Modern Warfare 4 refers to the war against nuclear power - the cause of human disasters and the threat to the very existence of the entire planet on Earth. While participating in the game, players will come up with some elite soldiers who take part in the campaign to eliminate the enemy army. To save the world’s history from the worst terrorist conspiracy, your comrades are doing an excellent job together on this campaign.

While playing, players don’t just experience the feeling of shooting in the first person. More importantly, it looks like you're enjoying a fantasy movie or a Hollywood blockbuster. You have to do different quests that this game offers. You not only want to destroy the target, but you want to get involved in a fierce battle involving armed cars, planes, tanks, etc. You need high concentration and a strong mind to win the fight.

Why play?

Your main task in this game is to prevent nuclear war and protect the peaceful life of humanity. It is also a big target towards sports. To destroy the enemy and complete a specific mission, you must have Blue Credit. This item is widely used in in-game virtual currency and you can earn this money through single-player quests. At the end of each mission, based on the achievements achieved, you will receive the same amount as your degree.

What is this money used for? You will use it to buy plug-ins, upgrade packs, and devices from the military shop store. To access the store, you must lightly touch the on-screen icon each time! Also, you will need to create another currency, Gold Credit - it is the most advanced currency in the game. You can always purchase by clicking the plus icon on the Pause screen menu bar!

How do you hone your skills?

To destroy your enemies, you need an epic arsenal of weapons. So, you have to equip the character's weapon. To get more weapons in the current arsenal you will need to access the main menu in multiplayer and select Armory Map. Then select the primary weapon and go to the selection screen. After selecting the weapon you want, click Customize and choose Finish! To secretly destroy the enemy, go after the enemy and choose fire when you get close to the enemy. This helps in turning the bullets into knives and helps to get the enemies out immediately in silence.

If you need military support, there are a lot of missions consistently. Typically, each type of support requires at least 3 to 6 bars. To create a squad tag, use the headquarters in the multiplayer field, select the signature and clan, select the edit clan, and enter the desired tag.


First of all, the game impresses the players with its unique story. You can choose between two groups: good or bad, including Edward Page Force. They fight all over the world, from Antarctica to Barcelona. Second, the graphics and sound are of high quality. Vivid and realistic image motifs; Stunning, creepy sounds blend in with movie-like character sounds, making you feel like a real battle in chaos.

Third, a unique style of shooting with more than 20,000 combinations and a multiplayer mode with excellent weapons is desirable. All make variations for the game. The new scoring game mode helps players compete on the leaderboard and makes the game more dramatic than before. In addition, IAP for item purchases in the game. Packages include virtual money for selection with real money! Modern Combat 4: We Wish You Comfortable Entertainment With Zero Hour!

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