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5.8.1c for Android
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Mar 24, 2021

If you are a fan of shooting, a great, very suitable game for you will immediately be called Modern Combat 5. The game was developed by the game of the Gameloft SE family. After the hurricane hit mobile devices, it deserves a super shoot from a great perspective. With many new features that attract gamers, you will experience many exciting emotions with the dramatic form of armed combat. This game promises you the ultimate pleasure. Learn more about it together!

Story description

Modern Combat 5 is an armed combat game set in the most famous cities in the world. The main character in the game is Kaden Phoenix - a small character in modern combat. At the beginning of the game, the main character gets a mission called World Liberation Army, to prevent the transfer of weapons of mass destruction to the terrorist group. To run the campaign, you will play the role of Gunman Security, Sophie Davia and Isaac Sukukura's Gunman, and other characters.

An important mission of this mission is to destroy the enemy and prevent threats that endanger people's lives. Take part in the game and players will experience fierce and exciting battles. You will remember the secrets of the past and uncover the numerous hidden conspiracies of the enemy.

Multiplayer Mode

The game is a first-person shooter genre with fairly familiar gameplay. On the battlefield of bombs, players will fight in extremely harsh conditions. There are 03 different game modes for you, including campaign highlights, specs missions, and multiplayer. You can easily switch between game modes without slowing down the game. In addition, you have the right to customize and upgrade various pieces of equipment such as accessories, weapons ...

The game sometimes culminates the match when you have to fight against a group of enemies of 2 to 6 people. Since the enemy has excellent firepower, you need to retreat efficiently to injure the enemy and still destroy them. Your shooting skills and experience will determine the success or failure of your fight.

Game Directory

If you have never experienced this game, I will give you a short and straightforward guide on how to play it! First of all, you need to set up the control system so that it is correct. Replace the Fire and Purpose buttons on other pages instead of one. From: When pressing the target button on the left side of the script. This change control is intended to help avoid confusion. From there, improve your reflexes several times during the game.

Next, you need to understand what the game's automated system is. You need to do a little research to find out how to use automatic burning while recording. It saves you ammunition; At the same time, create quick answers to shoot for accuracy. If you want to avoid bullets, return to the crotch-hide mode. This mode allows you to hide behind obstacles, but destroy the enemy by attacking at the right time. To be able to increase the victory in the game, you must also master the playing cards. A clear view of terrain and terrain allows you to choose smart foundations in a variety of situations, such as B in open spaces, with high visibility, with concrete walls, or with hidden barriers.


Despite being a shooting game, it still focuses on graphics. The 3D graphic design is surprisingly beautiful and it shows the attention and investment of the game maker. The animation effects in the game are made to be very attractive, compelling, and appealing to the players, e.g. B. River effect, spectacular city, fall flower effect, explosion effect. All make a stunning and beautiful scene! The sound is also adapted, like live and slow-motion movies, from the player's movements to the surrounding scenes, all invested heavily in all of this.

In addition, the user interface is intuitive and allows you to customize more than ten levels, designed to play any way you like. Prizes in the game have an amazing value that inspires the efforts of many players in the game. You can improve and refine your essential skills in the game by activating special classes, collecting experience points, and participating in more exciting battles. If you want to take part in the campaign against the ruthless enemy, try this game to experience!

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