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May 12, 2021

Neer: Auto Tomato is a viral game that was released in 2017 that has quickly become a global fever. Both game reviewers and gamers are very appreciative of the game, so nothing can stop the game from succeeding. Over the years, the game has surpassed any other name on the market so far. So the Square ENIX creative team decided to release a different version of the game, but not on the PC platform or PS4, but on the mobile platform. The mobile version is called Nair Ray [in] Carnation - the one that many gamers have been waiting for.

Final graphics

Enix has a very detailed and vibrant graphic design to provide the best gaming experience for all-class games. The game is no exception as it has continued its success in introducing men’s products. The game's graphics now have nothing to criticize; In the latest trailer of the game, players can appreciate the beauty of the game in seconds. While watching this trailer, the player can see many things; The game is designed with incredibly detailed 3D graphics to keep the player comfortable. All the scenes are created in 3D graphic format to give the best experience to the player of the world. Everything in the game, even the smallest, has been detailed to give players the best experience.

You feel very appropriate to criticize any issue; There is nothing to criticize about the graphics. As a result, the game has gained popularity among many players around the world due to its excellent graphics experience. From debris, the sky, dust, and many other things, big or small, are full of extreme sophistication. However, it will require a relative hardware device to play the game well. The game will be a great mobile platform graphics product that players can experience independently.

Big open world

Another great thing about the game's graphics is that the game world is a huge dream world for players to explore. Players are taken to one place to explore the world of the game. Players will find many beauties in the game that this game can only bring to the players. The game is a huge world, however, everything is small but perfect. It showed the efforts of the creative team of the game. Players can see a lot of beauty throughout the game. If Kashshing is too boring for you, you can control your main character to explore the world.

The gameplay is well known

The game still has very well-known gameplay of JRPG games which is turn-based so it is not difficult to use. Each time a player encounters a monster in the game, the screen will switch to Battle Tall mode to start the game. Players control up to three different characters to fight in this game. When it's the player's turn, the player attacks the enemy, and when it's the enemy's turn. The player fights until one of the two active player groups is destroyed and the other goes to the other side. During combat, the characters collect the MP and when the status bar is activated, the player can use the character's abilities.

New characters

A new character system has been created to give players a new story in the game. The first character is the white-haired girl Rika Naga; It lies on a cliff and is set off to explore the world. Yumi Hara - a mysterious creature who always calls herself "Mama" and seems to know something about this animal "Cage" - where the girl is kept. Yumi Hara is with the girl who finds a way out of this place. Motoyuki Kawahara - is a black monster that existed in the "cage" a long time ago and seems to be intended to persecute him.

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