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Ayist Games
1.23 for Android
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Apr 04, 2021

The novel has always been one that brings us from one wonder to another. You will read each page and gradually discover the world drawn by the author. Each side gives you different emotions, especially when it comes to climaxing. You will not be able to get out of this world and read. Gradually you will like the novel. If you are looking for a story where anything like a novel can be told, the game is called a novel. Choose your story.

Nice graphics

Novel. Choose your story is designed based on the real world. At the beginning of the game, it feels like you are starting a new life. You will play the role of a character in this world and gradually discover the hidden secrets of the game. The characters are also beautifully designed and at the same time, you can interact with them.

Graphics are the factors that make the game a success and draw the attention of the player. Once they start liking the game, it’s hard to stop. Good graphics will definitely give you a good feeling for this game. Thanks to this factor, the app has attracted a lot of downloads and positive reviews from players. It can be said that the content of the game is clearly unfamiliar with the unknown graphics, players will definitely choose the game to download.

Simple and exciting gameplay

In novels. Choose your story: choices and preferences; You choose a story and slowly explore it. Each of your decisions leads to a different action and gradually reaches the goal of the game. It can be said that this game is like a novel. You will go from story to story because you have flipped pages.

One difference to note is that as a reader, instead of watching the story, you become a character. In particular, you will decide your own story without being influenced by anyone. You want to direct the story where it is up to you. You can say that you can complete whatever you choose to do.

The gameplay of this game is straightforward: you have to make the decision that you think is right. With each choice, you go a different way. You can build a relationship with a character you like. Of course, if you don't know which option is right, you will create a lot of confusion during the game.

You go from story to story and get a certain amount of information. Gradually the amount of this information increased. During the game, you definitely do not know how to choose. You can see that this is a game designed to make your wishes come true. So don’t hesitate to create and start your own stories.

Novel. Choose your story: Decisions and choices bring you a colorful world in which you have the right to decide for yourself. You will start in a world where there will be many interesting things and which will gradually be attracted to their beauty. You will in turn learn the stories of the game as a participant. You will find options for a variety of situations that you think are appropriate. The most satisfying you can think of in novels. Choose your story: choices and preferences


  • Unlimited Gems
    (use them even value become negative)


  • Free Premium Choices

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