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16.2 build 122 for Android
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Feb 21, 2021

Speaking of the iOS operating system, the iPhone lays down a great man with many popular devices in the phone industry. Every year Apple Pull releases some new models that only users can use. Some people do not hesitate to spend big money to keep the latest iPhone. If we talk about Android, the only major Samsung that can be compared to Apple Pal is probably Korea's many well-known devices. Both manufacturers represent a different operating system and both are known and preferred by many. However, it seems that more and more people are using Samsung devices due to the different prices and special features. Are you a fan of Samsung or not? When users use a Samsung medium or low range device, they will experience lag when they experience a relatively cheap time to use it. How can this phenomenon be eliminated? Users can only do this using the Disable Pro app suite - an app created specifically for Samsung.


First, learn how this app works. This application was created to disable Samsung system applications. This is not easy, but in fact, anything users imagine is very simple. The first step the user has taken is that the application must be installed on the user's device for the application to work. Once the installation is complete, the application will prompt the user to access the system. This application is used to disable the system application, so access to the system is required. Users don’t have to worry that the app steals information by taking this opportunity as the app has already been carefully censored. As soon as everything is ready, the app is ready for use. Users need to start the application, select what to close, and then press the button to finish the task.

Disable apps and features

It can be said that this is the most important feature of this application for the user experience. As many know, the system-related application cannot be removed because the system does not allow the user to do so. However, when using this application, the user will not be able to uninstall it but will be able to disable it so that it does not work or is updated. Not only the system but also the application can be used to disable the functions of other applications like Facebook. Facebook frequently updates new versions and newer versions often make mistakes and affect users. Therefore, this application allows users to turn off the Facebook update feature so that it can no longer be updated to the new version. Thanks to this, users can use older versions with older stability and control the ability to update the application.

Save resources

The system application always runs in the background. No matter what the user does, it will always have to work. As a result, the user's device is often full of RAM and cannot be used to play games or perform other tasks. As the device ages, these hidden applications degrade the user's device and make it more difficult to use than before. The only way to solve this problem is to disable system applications. Users can save many device resources, such as b. RAM or battery to make for this, and many other things. This application is a useful tool that users can use to free up memory and make the device more powerful.

No need to root

Many people have probably heard about the concept of root, root also means that users can interfere more, and the system of operating systems. Yet, many need apps with similar functionality, but they all need to keep the device rooted for its function. However, this application does not require users to root the device but install the application to use it. Therefore, it can reduce the risks to the users while using the application.

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