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Passion Puzzle: Dating Simulator (MOD, Unlimited Moves/Instant Win) Apk for Android Free Download

App By:
Whee Games Ltd
1.16.5 for Android
Updated On:
Apr 01, 2021

Not everyone seeks love for his life; There he is, because he lacks confidence in the girls, he has even closed his heart. There are many people who are concerned with the relationship between dating games to find love in your own world. And if you are looking for a 2D girlfriend, Passion Puzzle: Dating Simulator is what the gamer needs. This game should really beloved by gamers. What are the players waiting for even without listening to the game? It is important to change only 2D girls, it is provided for a crucial, very interesting love experience that can not be found.

When a player comes into the game, he can play the role of a young man, as he always has, but he has not yet found his first love. This is a hostile story. A new experience in a cozy beach town. This trip is when he’s on vacation, when he’s doing something new in this city, even if it’s something, the answer was girls; Her relatives visit many different girls around her to have sex. Who will be heard after that? It belongs to the player; You are the one who does the right thing and everything in the game.

Lots of girls to choose from

The peculiarity of this game is that it has a girl, there are many girls who become the following characters in the game. All these girls have something for the player, and maybe it’s a sign of love. The first person the player meets is Mika - the flight attendant that the player plays at the airport. This is a very gentle girl. After that, players will find a lot of girls like Mary - a sweet and sweet girl, Ivy - a busy girl, and lots of them. Every girl has a different feeling and personality that players can enable. Players can gradually get to know all the girls and then from the girl they know.

Identify the smart move

When the player interacts with the girls in the film, the player interacts between the two. Whenever there is a choice, the player will have three answers to choose from. What the player likes is important; If the player answers correctly, the player wins the heart to perform. If a player answers incorrectly, the player will be awarded points in the eyes of the performers.

Take part in a fun mini-game

Whenever a player goes out with a girl, the player plays a Match 3 mini-game and expects to be given a personal date. Players will use their hands to discern the gems, to get three or more gems in the blast. If it explodes, the player will lose the rights, and if the player plays the rights of the game, the player will lose the game.

2. Unlimited Energy // may show 0/20 But when you play you will have a lot of Energy
3. Unlimited Moves // Moves will go negative after it reaches 0 but you can still play
4. Instant Win // Win instantly after the first move

NOTE: The game may not be compatible with some devices

Modded by Sodawater

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