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1.7.83 for Android
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Jul 23, 2021

Image editing is a profession that can be considered fun and popular among many people. Once women take a photo, they have to add text, hashtags, and more to make the picture more vivid. Then they need an app to do this and that is fonts. This application is simple and easy for users to add text to their images.

Easy way to complete, easy to use

The plus point of the app is that the creative team did an excellent job of designing the app and making some things available to the users. Users don't have to spend a lot of time using the app, but I can pass on any basic thing to the users. The main interface of this application is a blank white box that users can edit. On the right side of the screen, the user sees two things: an icon to load into the app and another to set it up. Users need to select a picture icon to insert a picture into the app. The application takes some time to load.

Once you select the photo that the user wants to edit, it will appear on the screen for you to edit. If you look in the upper right corner, the user will be presented with four tools for editing images. A pen-shaped icon is used to add text to an image. Users can draw on the picture. After that, the app will have a photo icon to upload more photos. Once the user has finished editing the image, the next icon will allow you to save the process shown on your device. Once it's all done, the user is done and you can share your photos anywhere.

Plural for users

Adding text to images is not so special as it is available in most editing apps today. Why do so many users choose this app? What makes this app so popular is that it is becoming more focused on a feature and feature function. The creative team has made many bundles features available to the users, which makes this application so popular.

The first thing in the app is that it provides the user with a variety of fonts that you use. The current number that the app makes available to users includes more than 200 different fonts for users to choose from. Users prefer to write to the message in the photo. Typically, generic apps offer the user only a few options, not all. But this app is not like that; It gives you many fonts that you can use independently of each other.

Add a new phone to the app

What should I do if users need to use fonts that are not in the app? Maybe a lot of people give up because they can't find what they want and can't find something to change it. While this is good, it is not appropriate to use the application's native font. Therefore, this application provides an exceptional feature for users to add fonts to the application.

More than 200 fonts available to users with the app are readily available and can do a lot more. In addition to using existing fonts, users can manually add new fonts using the app. This application can help the user in this task which is suitable for whatever case the user needs to use. Users need to find this font and load it into the application. After a few seconds, everything is done quickly.

Complete multiple lessons

Users need tools to complete these documents. Therefore, the application has provided many different tools that users can use to edit their text. First, the user may specify that it is a tool that changes the color of the text, the default tool. The app offers a color palette that allows you to select the desired color for the text.

The user can also customize the user's shadow. You can blur the text to give it a 3D experience. Or users can randomly transfer their text anywhere on the photo and be in any position. The app also has a variety of tools that you can use.

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● All Templates Unlocked
● Debug Info removed.

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