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1.69.1 for Android
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Apr 02, 2021

Characters are always a factor that brings pride in any sport where players spend a lot of time learning. They will face many different challenges and gradually develop certain events as they learn more about the characters controlled by them than their stories. At the same time, there is always a special interest when they ask you to explore the world of the game and immerse yourself in it. If you’re a lover of character psychology and invention, you can’t ignore the Pocket Waifu game.

Do you like your home?

Pocket Waifu gives you a special key about where the hero's house is - it's you. In some cases, you’re interacting with your house characters, perfect for those who like to play Waifu. At the same time, you can not ignore the familiar and beautiful elements that this game brings with it. This is a brilliant world that you will love while experiencing this game.

Also, it is difficult not to mention one factor that brings special skills to the game, which is the beauty of the female characters. In this game, players interact with many different characters and gradually develop a relationship with them. At the same time, players have the opportunity to see their waffle for longer and experience many exciting things at the same time. You will definitely like this game.

This game is when you sell your soul to succeed. For some reason, you wanted to be able to bring yourself the beauty. From there, your wish will be received and you are responsible for your wish because you spend a lot of time with it. There are many surprises with your level of affection and improvement with it, and this is the result that everyone wants to achieve.

You are in a relationship with someone

Pocket Waifu has easy-to-understand gameplay and you spend a lot of time caring for the character you get. It’s like having a character take care of you in everyday activities. As such, the game gives you many factors to consider such as b. Health statistics or clothing.

When you start to experience the game, give an analogy to My Talking King Tom. There are some similarities in this game. The player will see four circles in the lower-left corner of the screen where you can see different figures. Each indicator brings with it an additional factor like hunger. So your job is to take care of it so that the sole purpose is to increase affection.

The game also provides a unique element with players who want to change costumes for the characters they interact with. Most of the time, you will spend time researching the material and unlocking the clothes you want. With it, it is always possible to try on costumes that the player will do a lot as they change the look and beauty of each character.

Interact with many different characters

Pocket Waifu gives you an immersion experience, but you'll spend a lot of time doing it. Each character pays a certain amount of time and the game offers you some characters with different beauties. With each person, you will have a different experience and will immerse yourself fully in the world that this game brings with it. In other words, it is perfectly happy to be with Wifes.

You will gradually approach each girl differently and create a level of affection for her. In addition to the main game, the game also offers exciting mini-games. They offer entertainment with different game modes. At the same time, these levels will give you the necessary materials to play the game and neu undoubtedly a lot of things that you have to spend.

Once you create a level of affection for a character, it will pay you back. He will tell you his secret and you will see him immediately. For each character, they have their own elements that you have to experience. Don’t forget to choose unique pictures that will help brighten up your time together. Fun time

Very fun game

Pocket Waifu is an easy way to play and you have the option to take care of your Waifu. At the same time, there is nothing better than spending some private time with your favorite character. You will focus on many health-related factors to improve the emotional aspect. Also, do not forget to take them to stores to buy impressive clothes of various designs. If you succeed, you will get a great reward.

MOD Info?
1. Add coin
2. You can get coins when you leave the stage, you don’t have to play all the time.
3. Infinite resurrection
4. All girls ‘unlocked’ and their scenes

Note: Do not accumulate too much coins, otherwise you will not be able to log in to the game.

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Add Coin/Girl Unlocked
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Google Play