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11.2 for Android
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Mar 26, 2021

Adventure action-adventure games have always been the perfect choice for gamers to immerse themselves in their fantasies and vast worlds. In addition, many games allow players to entertain and explore new elements that are not found in other games. This article presents Project QT, an action-adventure game, with the most exciting content combined with puzzles, which many games cannot imitate. The most famous elements of the game are the Hot Girls who are considered prizes, teammates, and an endless source of entertainment.

Simple buttons addictive and seductive gameplay

Project QT is an innovative game as it combines elements of action-adventure and matching puzzles to create whole new gameplay. In this game, players choose a team of beautiful and powerful girls and take part in the fight against the spread of infection around the world. It also comes with a variety of character interactions that allow the player to manipulate the character more easily and display skills when the right conditions are met. The creativity of the gameplay includes game mods and other entertainment elements for beautiful and attractive girls. Also, the game with different mechanics and systems, and players can find them while enjoying the game.

Bring electrical wires to replace your juniper

The combat method of the game is simple; Players have to match colored blocks at once to perform many different tasks. It also has a link matching style, so adding more colored blocks gives the player a higher score. The different types of blocks that come together stimulate their ability to solve and the longest path of execution must be explored. Depending on the color of the linked blocks, the player can perform the same action and collect energy release points for the decisive move. In addition, in the middle of combat, players can use special items to develop more effective tactics and gain more advantages over the enemy.

Use your physical weapon

The Project QT was created in an immortal style to introduce character development and upgrade systems throughout the game experience. The player can improve the fighting performance of all the girls and also develop in many different forms with surprising effects. The game is not as simple as it used to be, but to unlock new quests or skills, players will have to research and refine small elements in the tech industry. The upgrade improves performance and overall performance, brings amazing effects, and improves the interaction of characters in combat.

Try your luck and make the most of it

Due to some special circumstances, all combat units in Project QT have more purpose for women, different personalities, styles, and players. Also, the format of the game is sensitive content, so the girls have a sleek design that they can slowly unlock after a long conversation. Each girl’s stats and features are different and combine variety and variety in the line-up, providing players with different experiences in recruiting and developing on the battlefield. The game uses vibrant and compelling visual graphics, sculpting female characters with a distinctive style, and makes players more excited when they can easily access each girl's hidden content.

Participation in custom activities

Project QT is a game online game and is designed to provide endless entertainment and excitement to the players through its hidden content. As a result, new content is constantly updated so that users can explore specific events or challenges, such as: In addition, each event is a start for new characters and the player must meet their generous conditions to recruit new girls into the collection. The development of each person's personality is rich and full of romance, which makes the content of the game always flexible and attractive.

Different entertaining game modes

The game not only focuses on girl development, but it also has many exciting and creative game modes. It enriches the game and offers players many different ways to experience this special and exquisite game. Also, all modes of play are puzzle-related, but their styles are varied and encourage the player to have a powerful connection to win. Unlike the main mode, additional mods will only appear during special events, and players will find many rare items dedicated to upgrading the girls or headquarters.

Project QT is a perfect combination of role-playing, adventure, and puzzle-solving to bring players whole new gameplay. In addition, the girls are the most famous and entertaining element, which provides players with the most impressive and elegant moments during the game. Thus, the game is sensitive and suitable for those who are always in search of erotic games for fun alone.

[Nutaku Version]

1. Unlock all 1-5 stars character image (even unsummoned one)
2. Unlock monster girl video (only unlocked monster girl)
3. God Mode
4. Auto Win
5. Continuous Combo
6. Damage x100
7. 1 turn skill cool-down
8. Hide state

[JG Games Version (China) ]

1. Menu on Battle
2. HP Changing to 1%/50%/100%
3. Auto Win
4. Enemy Kill
5. Next Turn
6. SKill Ready
7. Change every stone to color of choice
8. Change every stone to Block of choice

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One Hit/Unlocked Character
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