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3.0.1 for Android
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Jul 02, 2021

In the virtual entertainment sector, the legendary blockbuster ROCKMAN X has made a major splash. ROCKMAN X DiVE, the latest chapter of the original edition, was born as a result of this success. Why is it so well-liked, and why is it drawing such a large number of players? Despite the fact that you are executing the duty as a hunter, your background is not desert, woodland, or similar. Surprisingly, it is the internet's underground world, dubbed "Deep Log."

Management of deep log hair

ROCKMAN X DiVE's whole system and computer structure are identical to the previous edition. If all goes well, it won't start. Deep Log, on the other hand, suffered a cryptic error on a gorgeous day. As a result, ROCKMAN X's data and all information became abnormally corrupted, rendering it useless. The quest for new heroes was launched as a result of that incident. That takes care of the glitch and restores the Deep Log to its previous state.

Better action in movement

There will be a couple more points added to the action surrounding ROCKMAN X DiVE. To provide players with new diversity and excitement. In addition to the usual actions such as dash, jump, and so on, you will encounter more entirely new and unique functions, such as automatic targeting and shooting 360 degrees. The hunters' movements became smoother as their speed increased. As a result, you'll be able to better control and manage situations.

in appearance, the heroes remove

ROCKMAN X DiVE is a true gamer when it comes to implementing today's most cutting-edge specs. All of the images in the game are created using 3D graphics. Although, in general, the characters in the original edition remain preserved. Those are all heroes you've heard of and have in your mind. However, you will be startled when you visit this world because it has been completely modified. They alter the appearance, which elicits a lot of excitement from the participants.

Use state-of-the-art weapons to defeat the critics

The weapon system is the most upgraded and additional feature in ROCKMAN X DiVE. Aside from the weapons you're already familiar with, such as the bust and the sword. Sigma's sickle of Death can be used right away to rip the enemy's body apart. Many bosses will arrive along the way. You obtain the equivalent chips when you beat them. The BOSS skill is the most unique, and it is something that every hero wishes to have. As a result, beat the enemy and claim the territory right now.

Participate in an adventure with friends.

This is without a doubt one of the most gratifying games ever created. From the artwork to the characters to the weapons, this game has it all. Not only that, but co-op mode made its debut in the ROCKMAN X series. What could be more important than in the most difficult battles? You can work out a plan with your friends. Build a strong army, scheme together, and strategize. Attack, counterattack, and acquire essential weapons and prizes in this action-packed game.

It is regarded a highly successful comeback with so many fantastic enhancements compared to the initial edition. While it retains ROCKMAN X's distinctive characteristics, it also offers its own set of advantages. Make you feel at ease yet not bored. Become accustomed to the unmistakable gameplay. However, new things are continuously attracting players. You can usually upgrade or replace your weaponry. Alternatively, instead of controlling the key as before, shoot straight towards the target.

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  • God mode


  1. Bypass tutorial before use mod;
  2. Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 and above, by going Settings > Apps > Game Name > Permissions | Display over other apps.

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