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Mar 11, 2019
Exciting gameplay and wounded brand editor resonates thanks to a significant investment roll sky. The player is an arcade game in which the music gets mixed up with fast-paced action. Game Part 2 Graphics Content Proper Compatibility Part 1. If the change scenario changes and changes, it is more poetic.

In Part 1, the player is just an easy story of an arcade game to control the red ball and move constantly along the path. In the second part of significant progress is integrated into those stories and if even more exciting. And unravel the deep plot that it offers players will be disguised themselves.

Keep dragging the tour to touch the dream little prince!

In addition, this product is the latest baby of Chita Technology Corporation Limited. You can find an excellent miniature, a story that the publisher of the famous piano title game instantly. This is the reason music is the game element of justice. Players have to overcome a lot of fun music, depending on the distance and the challenges for innocent living.

Play the game

When entering the game players will immediately experience a great arcade game. First, and then used players are also high on speed. But there will always be a more difficult challenge, and players must control their characters, as well as possible.

Players grab the screen and gain character control and then drag to navigate. Our Prince going to need to overcome obstacles along the way. With such an easy way, you can quickly get used to it, but that does not mean simple things, like a win because it will be difficult to meet the challenges of the game in another country. For example, a stone path reaches heaven directly; Below is a wooden bridge chessboard through the old town. Later, these challenges are more difficult when the path will take you less. In addition, it is also largely uneven and with the dense version appears obstacles. The epic level where you are taken in a special position. So to win, it will win a lot of money. In parallel, during the battle, there are power-ups, so the more important points players can get and drive the longest distance.

Graphics and music

Roll Heaven Graphics Beautiful game 2, you will see the publisher on the phone screen on all sides by slowly polished. A simple movement of the character is replaced with background melody, change the space with each level. And of course, what's called the Sky Game Series Rolls Music. It looks like you will be associated with a sports music movie instead. Listen to the sweet melody and enjoy the beautiful space of the game, the rest will do.

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