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3.2.3 for Android
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Mar 18, 2021

Voodoo is known as one of the largest indie game publishers for mobile platforms. It had a lot of games with simple gameplay but the endless spiral easily attracts players. Because of this, the publisher always had high expectations for the players, and a lot of great games were published. One such game is Rowley Feet, a game that entertains players and friends in a fun and comfortable race with simple gameplay. Like other voodoo games, the game also features simple controls for entertainment, fun characters, and multi-line multiplayer. The game also promises players will bring many new surprises in the gameplay and enjoy new features with friends.

Take control of your PUPPET and build the last line for IT

Rolly Legs introduces simple yet addictive gameplay where all players need to control their puppets and finish first in the race. However, players need to create the most appropriate legs to run fast and leave others behind. A competition consists of four puppets that run on only one track without colliding with each other. The level on the screen is the playing field, showing the player's title and progress. In this section, players can stretch their legs to cross the terrain. Players can pull off any type of leg they want when the situation confronts their puppet. If the legs are longer, the distance is more important, but it takes up more space. Meanwhile, short legs help dolls remove small spots and walk slowly. Each player's drawing style always changes the way they change their puppets, so the gameplay is easily addictive.

Thousands of different challenges, races

In addition to providing fun gameplay, Rolly Legs also has thousands of tracks created by other players to keep players entertained. Each track has a specific style and it varies in terrain to challenge the creativity of the player. All puppets move automatically, while players only need one right leg to toe. With a pair of legs, all sorts of areas can be easily overcome in no time. That said, there are challenges for which players will receive many exciting rewards. Challenges are divided into different categories, such as daily challenges or personal achievements. Players enjoy not only endless games but also special challenges.

Welcome to make it more glamorous

When players come into the game, they not only enjoy the hustle and bustle but also the fun runs, they can also customize their puppets to become more famous. The character customization feature allows users to share their actions or use the actions of others. Players can wear fun and funny outfits that complete challenges and achievements as they unfold. Of course, completing races can also leave organizations, and not just complete the challenge. Rolly Legs also allows all players to share their character designs as well as costumes on the individual stage of the game. Therefore, the game not only creates a friendly playground but also entertains people with funny fingers.

Invite your friend, finally, enjoy

On the four-lane track, players can invite friends and take part in the four-man race. Each race has less time, which is good for creating a challenge or game for entertainment at a party. However, multi-line multiplayer has more unexpected elements that make the race more exciting and fun than before. There are potholes, obstacles, and many other things scattered along the road. The player's task is to still be creative and pull the most appropriate foot to remove everything. There are also prizes like coins and points, but for any player who has not won before, the score is still the same, which all show and check the run.

Rolly Legs are designed to encourage players' creativity to stretch the legs for their muppets. The game has simple but addictive gameplay and players have less time to relax on each run. The game allows players to play anytime, anywhere without an internet connection. If you're a fan of arcade games and you're having fun with your friends, give it a try.


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