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2.14.0 for Android
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Jun 30, 2021
Shadow Fight 2 is definitely one of the hottest titles on mobile platforms. Almost everyone knows this game. Any device can play this game for a simple reason. Other than that, the gameplay is also pretty amazing. An exciting fighting game made with 2D graphics and compatible with multiple devices. Yet, people still enjoy playing this game. Apart from that, there are also new updates, 3D and Arena versions. In general, these are the other parts we will get to later.

Attractive fighting style - it plays a role and gives a combination of classic combat

Once the game comes out, people pay the most attention to its fighting style. Players are placed on a field where only two people fight against each other. You and the enemy will fight until one person dies. Time is usually limited to about 100 seconds. When the time is up, a person with low HP is classified as a loser. In general, this is the basic rule of the fighting game.

The special thing about the fighting style of this game is the combination of attacks and movements. Unlike the classic fighting style of the game, Shadow Fight 2 does not provide the player with the available skills. You need to learn to activate skills by mixing speed and action buttons. On the left is the navigation pole. Unlike 3D games, this game can only go back and forth horizontally. So the other two directions are used for jumping and crouching. A special feature is that the game uses a joystick with eight directions. Each direction has its own functions and when combined with punch and kick, an effective combination results. If you imagine a little deeper, it's exactly like the same ring kung fu.

Because of this complexity players practice with the game to win against their opponents. The other thing is that the boss is extremely powerful in this game. This means that your level is always one level higher than yours. Therefore, the player must study the character combination to be able to both attacks and dodge the boss's steps. Since they are all made according to a specific formula, if you are accustomed to working with them, you can guess.

The new power leveling system

The unique thing about this game is that this character has no special skills. This means that your character will be a normal person from the beginning. Through the challenge, he develops his skills and becomes stronger.

Look for a special connection

There are two ways to increase their power in Shadow Fight 2. The first attack is a combination. If you constantly take part in fights, the character will be chosen. When you have enough exp, you will only increase the level. However, once you reach certain levels, some new combos will be unlocked in the game to make the fight easier. Usually, these combinations become more complex, but it has a big impact on the game. You need to remember this and practice in the practice room before you can actually become active. Owners are pre-programmed so that they can use long combo efficiently and consistently. Also, a great way to practice your skills is to fight them.

Special weapons and items

Another way to increase strength is to have your own gear. These things affect the game in a unique way. Let's talk about weapons first. The character has no skills, but weapons. Every time you use a weapon you have to get into the habit of fighting that weapon. This means that whenever you use a new weapon you are using a completely new character. But this game has more than a hundred weapons.

You should only choose one weapon for your use. These weapons can also be upgraded in the store, so you can be sure to use the weapon until all the challenges are met. There are also similar types of weapons with the same fighting style. The same type of weapon costs more and is a bit more affordable. If you want to change the mood a little, buy it, and practice it. Since they are of the same type, it should not take much time to practice.

In addition to weapons, you have other tools to increase your strength. You can use a helmet to protect your head, armor to protect your body, and other parts thanks to a lot of tools. There will be a lot of statistics to use to increase your power, not just to defend. In addition, there are some elements that also have an effect. These instructions give you an advantage over your opponents. As long as players use their weapons and fight properly, the game becomes more and more interesting.

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