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1.24.2 for Android
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Nov 20, 2020

For fans of the game of combat, NEKKI's Shadow Fight series has become a great hit on the phone. Shadow Fight 3 brings you to the most intense realm with beautiful 3D animations.

When we talk about fighting style on mobile we can think of many different names. However, long-time gamers, always have a good memory with Shadow Fight. It is a game that comes from the version that is played as a flash game on the website platform. This point has its own success but has not yet generated any style or reaction. It was not officially successful until the second upgrade was introduced as a separate game.

The product was so popular just a few years ago that NEKKI released its third edition. Improving graphics, characters, and gameplay talents; Make Shadow Fight 3 a completely different part. It's not based on the old Part 2 gameplay but offers a new experience. However, you still feel like it has an intimate effect that you can immediately detect. In fact, with Part 3 of this mobile fighting game, NEKKI continues to be a success.

The fighting style is fundamentally different from previous versions

In Shadow Fight 3, players can choose a character and fight with their power. This means that your character already has features for this part. Your goal is to develop these powers and enable them to fight harder. In both cases, the players play the role of a hero character, whose goal is to save the world from danger. Players no longer have the same shadow they took in their size. Shadow is a special kind of power that you can call when you need it. What makes this fighting style special about Part 2, but implementing a completely new method for it. Players coming into the field don’t need to experience the previous part, but they can still play differently.

Many weapons have been chosen along with many other weapons that make up the fighting style.

One of the elements that make up this series of franchises is weapons. Each character has their own characteristics, but their fighting style is used according to the weapon. Each weapon has a different way of using its power. You can wield a large and heavy sword with attacks that do a lot of damage, hit safely from long distances, but strike very slowly. You can also use sticks with maximum attack range but do little damage. The downside is that your opponent needs to get so close that you are at a loss. The chain also has the advantage of a long range, but there are tricks that are difficult to make full use of. In general, the arsenal has hundreds of powers that you can use depending on your fighting style. Choose the right weapon for you and use it often to get acquainted.

How will the weapons work?

A special feature of this arsenal system is the repetition of the fighting style. This means that some weapons have similar properties when used in actual combat. You can use Staff and halberd in the same way, but with a small difference in skills and losses. You might think that halberd is an advanced staff weapon that you must buy at a higher price than the store. This gives you straightforward strong statistics, but they are difficult to use. When you play this game straight you can feel the difference in fighting style.

This variation makes the opposing nature of the game something special. To be as strong as Halal, they can only continue to use the money earned to improve their status, for those who just prefer to employ staff. This is entirely possible so you can relax. However, the upgrade process will take some time to complete. You will have to wait a bit if you continue to use this weapon. The higher the level of government, the longer the wait.

Other devices also affect the way you fight

In addition to weapons, other devices also diversify the game. You can buy them armor to boost their defenses. The fact of the game shows that you can only protect the body in armor, but you can not increase the general figure. You need to buy extra helmets to protect your head. Wembraces, QCs are used to reduce the damage to the opponent's arms and legs. In general, if you want to protect certain parts, you will need to buy devices to protect those parts of the body. These things also increase aggression power, so you can be sure that there is never a lack of damage. These things usually have no side effects. However, some special tools have been added to the effects. For example, if you get a serious hit, bleeding when you hit the head, the spectacular impact after a complex impact exacerbates the effect. In general, this application gives you an edge in battle.

  • Freeze Enemy (Hit when the enemy jumps)



Credits: Blackmod

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