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NoTriple-A Games
1.0.063 for Android
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Jul 01, 2021

Slash of Sword 2 transports you back to mediaeval times. In the role-playing genre, this is a game by the publisher No Triple-A Games. You are turned into a unique character when you enter this universe; despite the fact that he did not commit a crime but was caught, his mission is to prove his innocence. Fighting in the arena is the penalty for the player. At the same time, multiple occurrences occurred during the procedure, which the player must resolve using various approaches. Throughout the game, gamers and foes will engage in bloody conflicts. You've also graduated as a commoner, so you'll be able to improve yourself into a true fighter, assisting the villagers and your brother Richard in solving a variety of other mysteries.


The player first sees a dead body at the start of the game; before he can figure out who the body belongs to, an unexpected event occurs: a group of people arrives to arrest him, believing he has killed someone. Because his penalty was to fight on the battlefield, that was the start of everything that happened on the battlefield today. The game is set in the Middle Ages, and conflicts are fought in the dark with only a few torchlights.


It will not be difficult for you to become used to Slash of Sword 2 if you are new to the game. Because the game will give the user clear and detailed instructions by giving arrows in the first level, your task is to touch the screen on those objects. When preparing for war, it also teaches you how to obtain swords, weapons, and other items. If you win the combat, you will be entitled to gifts like food, a sword, a shield, and armour, among other things. At the same time, the player is treated as a warrior, and you have the right to eat and refuel your HP when the battle is over. So, in order to earn a lot of treasure and live as long as possible, attempt to employ appropriate techniques.


The player will be able to control the character's movement by using a little inner image in the lower-left corner of the game screen. That is a common kind of control among gamers, therefore it will not obstruct the player's ability to manoeuvre the character. The game's unique feature is that the substance of the chat will transform into an interactive dialogue with several possibilities. The game will provide you with tips on how to answer these questions, and your goal is to select and submit the correct answer.


Players will meet a variety of interesting individuals on their quest to pursue justice for themselves. You'll hear them discuss their problems and whether or not to help them alter the path of their life, as well as the next hidden event. In Slash of Sword 2, the player's reserve weapon system is enormous, with many different types of swords, shields, armour, and other items. At the same time, players can shave their characters, alter their armour, visit a barbershop to get their hair cut or let their hair grow and tie it up. Furthermore, the game will present you with unexpected scenarios to adjust to, such as rain, in which case you can choose to don a hat or a coat to keep the rain at bay.

When players enter Slash of Sword 2, they can embark on a variety of quests and battle a slew of creatures along the way.

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