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Naxeex LLC
3.9.1 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 13, 2021
Stickman rope hero - a simulation game industry is still an important position in the well-known game content production or provision of entertainment programs to strengthen the tissue of the publisher. The realistic sense of space simulation genre is always the player's not yet a clear and distinct way to describe the depth and direction of the actual objects. In the game simulation, the publisher is not ignored by Naxeex LLC. Now it is exemplified by the success of Naxeex simulation game attractions. With more than 25 hot products, not difficult to achieve Naxeex.

Stickman Hero with a powerful arsenal of weapons

Normal Naxeex plays the characters of this game we are not usually normal, be it Superman, hero or even Santa ... When they look at the graphics, they can be the only explanation of every production, but in each field. The game controls infrastructure is one of each version. The cable was a need to create a new pedal for the last eight products, the scale of development. And so was the hero rope. The launch, market players are still places in the mind, so many people are interested and experienced, comments and discussion about the bike rope praise the hero.

Convenient special moves with updates

You are like a street bike person and take the shoot. You can use fast mobile media access to the specified map. To use an interesting addition to the wire for the game, the higher the position up to the unexpected ups the opportunity to use the wire, and if you are a Spider-Man fan, this amazing spider can climb like a soft landing if you do. , It makes one wonder. Stickman is equipped with a lot of fighting equipment, so the case can be flexible depending on the subject.

The character in the upper right corner of the bar will help monitor each status claim. How green the enemy together, usually the armed response if you fail to respond. Be careful to work with them.

Fierce battle enemies and tons more!

It can be said that Naxeex game graphics are very high, the game has a very simple effect, detailed images focused on the intuitive user interface. In particular, it was as if the characters had multiple synchronizations in the fighting game Stickman. In addition, the fight card is a deal to deal with. Since the card is so large, it is sufficient to equip the way you control it is necessary, to win over the entire surface of the card. The graphics in this game are not very nice, beautiful high-end control, it is the primary. While using the strongest point of the game sound effects than reality when the elements are fairly standard, the multiplier experience. The graphics are very high capacity small, it is not difficult to download, and experience.


Bike cord so that the hero is a simulation game can easily fulfill their needs with a high level of your request, all aspects of completion. Now do not hesitate, take place Rope Stickman fulfills his passion.

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