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Cerberus Studio inc.
1.03 for Android
Updated On:
Mar 29, 2021

Racing games are always hot and the most wanted of all game genres. Features and graphics of the game is one of the most anticipated racing games. Street Drag 2 promises to bring the most impressive game for players. The racing game is always the most demanding of all competitions. This game brings a lot of novelty and excitement to players. The cool features of the racing game series have helped the game attract the attention of gamers.


Street Drag 2 is a racing game with unique features and great graphics that no other racing game can match. Game graphics are always the most valuable and make the highest score in the overall game. This game allows players to experience the realization of racing on personal devices. The game has different colors and tournaments for the player and it is a more enjoyable experience. Different modes can be chosen depending on the player's skills and preferences. There are five modes in which players can choose race, leader, tournament, rank, and championship. Each tournament has a different game mode.

New educational game

This game brings novelty and excitement to the players. Not surprisingly, the value of a racing game is widely felt by professionals. Like other racing games, racing games in general always have the most common features. But each game has its own characteristics, attracts attention, and attracts players. Everyone experiences the game to learn the highlights of the game!

Why play

Street Drag 2 is easy to play and requires good personal skills to complete leaderboards and LPSs. Race mode allows players to choose the mode, distance, and difficulty level before participating in a race. This mode helps players become more active while participating in sports. In stair mode, players can take several steps to win. The more you pass, the stronger the opponent is, the better techniques you can expect. There will be more great prizes for the players if you go down many stairs.

The next mode is the tournament mode. Run with a team and contribute in one place until the last player gives the prize money to that person. Race mode runs through each level and is set to a maximum. The final mode is the championship racing mode. The player goes through all the levels, passes the sequence, and progresses to the next round. The nature of the race may seem simple, but it has many individual technical requirements so each player needs to practice their skills.


The specifics of racing cars are always very important to all players. The specifications of Street Drag 2 are based on the actual dimensions of a real racing car, giving the player a sense of honesty to experience the game. Reality is so important in 3D games that every detail is required. Engine power, traction, distribution of gravity, while speed, time, and speed, RPM are always things that players keep an eye on while playing this game.

The feature is always appreciated, so this game is very popular in the racing game series. The graphics of the game are also remarkable. The highlight of the graphics is the plus point of the game and gamers always appreciate games with beautiful graphics because graphics are very important for the success of the game.

New features

New functions have been updated and include the previous ones. The new multiplayer battles allow all types of vehicles. The difficulty of the game is improved and the player gets a more challenging and stronger schedule. Add adaptive new functionality by allowing the use of frames and average seconds. The timer is more accurate than before. This helps to make the game more complete and comprehensive than the previous features. New features have been added to make the game perfect for all gamer requirements. Player ratings are also of interest, and functionality will also be adjusted based on those ratings.

What is the game

Why are sports popular? One question that many people who have not experienced the game always ask about the founder. The answer will be given by the experienced players of the game. Those who have not yet experienced the game try to experience the great features of the game by answering for them to ensure extreme accuracy. The game has always been in demand on game platforms, even because of its excellent graphics. Without downloading the game to your device, you wait to experience it?

  • After completing the tutorial, exit and re-enter to receive a lot of money.

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