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Survival RPG 3: Lost in Time Adventure Retro (MOD, Diamonds/Health Potions) Apk for Android Free Download

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Bew Games inc.
1.7.9 for Android
Updated On:
Jun 09, 2021

Discovery and research are things that many players experience and prefer adventure games. Survival game is always a hot topic these days and is highly valued by many gamers for its experience. Most of them implement the latest graphics technology like high-quality 3D that players can experience. But players want to experience something different, something that can't be found in any other game. And the game that will bring is Survival RPG 3.. This game is the third installment of the series and offers players a new story to experience.

Lost Time Adventure in Retro 2D

In the first part, the player goes in search of treasures and lives a peaceful life. For the second part, the player has found a famous artifact with power that can change everything. It is the art form that, thanks to its teleportation power, makes up a third of the game. When the environment suddenly changes, players will enjoy a peaceful life and you will be transported to many different eras. Players often take time to prehistoric times, the modern age, and the beginning of its adventure. How to avoid when the artifact gets out of hand and the player gets lost in the timeline? Players have to be prepared to adapt to life in different places, as they have no idea when they will be teleported again. This journey will be more difficult and enjoyable for the players than the earlier parts of the game.

Classic style graphics

The graphics of the game set it apart from other games on the market. The game was created using the same pixel graphics format, as in older console games. Although it has been applied to modern technology to make the color more pleasant, it is different from today's games. Thanks to this difference, the game has drawn a large number of players to experience it. To experience the game, players move back to the past of the game as the characters of the game. When it comes to the game there is not only color and design style, but it is still amazing.

To survive

In this game, the player's goal is to survive. Only if we live can we find a way back to our own time. Players are transported to many different eras, so what players get in one era will not help players in another era. The way of survival is different in every age and players should figure out what they need to survive themselves. For example, in prehistoric times the player had to use it and find a fighting bed on the lichen wall. Players will also need to build weapons to counter these threats. In prehistoric times, a player could only make a stick out of stones to attack. After going another time, everything will be much easier.

  • Lots of diamonds and health potions.

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