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Jun 09, 2021

Games with similar functions have become very popular and are chosen very carefully by the players. The human survival simulation game has always held an essential place in the hearts of all players. Bonfire 2: Full versions with unwanted edges were hugely popular and were highly praised by players in existing survival games.

The game experience is the best choice for those gamers who want it. It’s the player’s side that helped make the game wider today. Multi-language support and great game features have made the game popular in many countries. Players who experience the game first hand always have accurate and practical ratings. Download the game and experience the excellence and sophistication of the game.

To introduce

Bonfire 2 is a very good game about the survival experience. We will experience the feeling of existence directly and make our own plan for existence. Players will design their own city based on the ideas they create and bring to the game. This game will help you to take your own creativity to another city. Building a city is the first step in the game, and then the resources you create are managed.

Direct management awakens your management skills. City workers are also governed at the discretion of the player. The personality of each worker of the game will be different. Personality is determined based on the pre-designed functions of the game. It’s fun to experience, to give players a real feel, and to stay alive in the game. Explore the world map to explore cities and act independently as your country. The player must be careful with the condition of the buildings in order to manage resources and access the gameplay of the game.

Why play

The game is a new experience for players. Creating a private city and strategizing for its security is a real challenge and a great experience for players. The gameplay is simple but requires combat skills and some player planning. Players should plan to protect their city’s resources. Items in the game are similar to the farm game, but the structure is better and sophisticated.

The fight against monsters and enemies is inevitable. Therefore, players must fight with attention and clarity to play the game, protect the city and win the match. Game requirements train players to think about the proper handling of sporting goods. Bonfire 2 gives players a sense of experience, combat, and a variety of skills while playing the game.


The features of Bonfire 2 are highly rated in player reviews. This game allows you to create, craft, and collect resources in one day. Players are free to design layouts in their city and highlight their passions. The condition of the buildings is also important and it plays an important role in securing the player’s resources and disposal results. In sport, the night is the most careful and intense time of day.

Players have to fight monsters and enemies that appear at night. A randomly generated world map that players can use to explore exciting locations. Players can interact with other cities and exchange loot. Each village has a unique origin with strength, dexterity and wit of fruit. Personalization of skills is a new thing as no game with features like this has progressed. Players can flatten city residents. Players also have the option to build weapons and armor and equip their cities for them.

New features

Storing wood problems is surrounded by the player's request. Improve the rare points of the game during the experience. The thief can't steal the stone right now, there's a hole in the game but that time is up. Fixed minor bugs that reinforced the player's experience of the parts. Match reports are always obtained from real, professional players who have the right scene. The player who admires Bonfire 2 pays close attention to each girl.

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  • Free purchase of the full version of the game (in the main menu of the game, start the purchase and close the error window that appears).

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