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Jul 17, 2021

Passive defense games are always fun options for people who are always busy and don't work on a regular basis. It is a perfect combination of strategy and action elements and stimulates the creativity of the player to build strong walls against all enemy attacks. One game that incorporates the above elements is Towerlands, which deals with a passive defensive style to relax players and allows the game to expand significantly even without direct interaction. In addition, the game uses elements of fantasy and magic for gameplay and the development of the world, which will add vibrancy to life and the wider world.

Build bigger and stronger towers

Towerland is a simple game that implements passive defense and tower mechanisms to provide fun gameplay for players. The content of the game is almost endless and players always offer a lot of new elements, presenting players with more challenges to become more creative with defensive tactics. The player's job in each campaign is simple: build a mobile tower and develop it indefinitely to withstand an attack. The player's tower is made up of many different components, including support, attack, and defense. Combining these elements, the player's tower can face powerful enemies and move forward with courage.

And after his victory over Johnny

The player's campaign can expand endlessly with each defeat of the enemy, and players will fight a variety of enemies along the way. What is the diversity of the environment and areas that affect environmental strategy and monster presence? In addition to the main campaign, the game will have some sub-campaigns and special challenges that will enrich the game and challenge players in full trouble. During the battles of all countries, players have to become more creative over time and always bring their army to a new level.

Finally upgrades and purchases

The game's upgrade system is endless, but the combat units' reputation grows as they reach maximum levels for each level. Players have a variety of options to develop towers and thus create levels of attack and defense against any enemy. Each section has different upgrade capabilities, and players can upgrade or upgrade their performance to repair tower damage per second. The game's upgrade system is full of creativity and players always have new options to explore, even changing the tower's architecture and unlocking other great features.

Choose your favorite places

The towers are ruled by heroes with special powers and their skills change so that the tower can deal with many different enemies. Heroes are divided into three different categories: Archer, Knight, and Dana. There are different variations for each type of player to unlock and equip the tower, making it easier to face multiple enemies. In addition, each hero has a unique ability system and can cover the entire tower and increase damage per second. What is impressive about each hero is that it is detailed in design and gradually changes in appearance depending on the level. This makes the game more exciting and the player's tower becomes more spectacular than before.

Expand your skills and use them

The player's tower is a standalone system, and players can support it with the special abilities of nature. The game has a variety of natural skills that each player can use depending on the type of enemy. The forces of nature are mostly AOEs, which allow the player to destroy multiple enemies at the same time, but rather longer. The skills system allows players to simplify their natural skills and add a lot more variety. As players gain more control over the battlefield, the effects and power of skills will change dramatically.

Build a house and choose your combat unit

All combat units can be expanded through the city's training system, and Towerlands will begin city construction to keep players entertained. Games of this genre do not have city-building mechanisms, so their gameplay has many limitations and they cannot satisfy them. However, in Towerlands, the player's city is slowly evolving and will unlock special features that will allow players to fight longer when it comes to the game. Moreover, the strength of the heroes is greatly improved through training, giving players more options in construction strategy.

The creativity and entertainment of Towerlands are endless and constantly changing for players to explore. Gameplay gradually becomes more successful with each player's performance, making them a powerful tower. The game will also have many entertainment elements such as mini-games or special events that will give players a variety of options and enjoy offline fly games anytime anywhere.

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