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Jun 16, 2021

Adventure games have always been creatively developed and specialized to enrich the game market. Depending on the goals and development style of each game, the content and gameplay will be different for players. This article introduces the horror adventure game True Fear: Forced Soul Part 1, which has exceptional gameplay and distinctive environmental design features. The highlight of the game is its simple point-n-click style that is easy for gamers to achieve while also expressing the most difficult puzzles in all gameplay. If you are interested in a horror adventure, this game is a very scary experience but a fun puzzle to explore.

Training and goal games

True Fear develops all gameplay in an adventure style with a unique and novel style that makes the environment real and scary at the same time. Although the pace of the game is slow, it is enough to scare the players and focus on the main plot of the game. In addition, the game will use vivid visual quality, a great sound system, and many other factors that will shake all the sensations of the player. Although the game has a lot of game limitations and players are unable to move around, the story, notes, and situation of the game give players a creative imagination. Everything in the game is always associated with a certain fear and sadness, which reflects certain genres depending on the current state of the player.

Interaction with program termination

The mechanism of the point-n-click game is simple. That said, the player just has to interact with everything on the screen. Many substances automatically move or activate the mechanism in the environment. The puzzle element is essential to the point-n-click style, and the game has a variety of puzzle styles to make the game more flexible. Each puzzle is always hidden around, and clues are scattered everywhere, and players have to juggle everything to understand how each setting works. It emphasizes the element of adventure and players will have to interact directly with the viewers for the key or active mechanics that will bring the player the puzzle.

Replace cards for progress

The game uses abandoned churches, monasteries, and shelters to create environments and maps, and the options are perfect for horror games. The state of the game and the visual quality reflect the gentle beauty and endless darkness that creates an invisible danger for players at first glance. It comes with a huge sound system and players will have a better experience when they enjoy gaming with headphones. Each location of the game has a range of challenges and puzzles. Interestingly, they are all connected by links and players constantly switch between affected locations.

Storage of essential items in the environment

There is no element in the game to mark things that are important to the player, instead, they have to tap on what they want to see. Many items can be collected and puzzles can be used, and the player can combine more than two items to create a missing tool or puzzle. The game has a lot of puzzles that involve the collection element and always move players in a creepy context. However, if the player does not retrieve the item, it will not move beyond the level or complete the puzzles. The game uses real 3D graphics engines to sketch detailed objects and players can use observable objects and objects to find links to each object.

Various recipes and documents

The game will focus on the lack of HD quality gameplay with catastrophic, and scores spread across the field. Many games use these elements to create perfect elements and allow players to unravel many of the game’s secrets from different perspectives than their predecessors. Whereas, when a player solves a puzzle or turns the cutscene depending on the progress of his game. This makes the game more exciting and unique and does not allow players to play any other game. This game saves any unlocked notes or cutscenes in the media library to find important links and action links.

True Fear: Forsaken Soul is a horror series known for its signature point-n-click gameplay. The successful game gives players a lot of fear of sound and picture quality. Not only that, but the narrative and development of the world are full of rich and hidden meanings that make the player’s experience complete and complete in every way.

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