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0.1.70 for Android
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Jul 02, 2021

Let's say you're looking for a cute pet game to enjoy after stressful work hours. Tsuki’s Odyssey introduces you to the game and offers you a peaceful experience in a world full of twinkling lights from a distant lighthouse. With many playful and colorful pictures of well-kept houses embedded in old logs. The game scene is a view of the forest with soft green carpets and a peaceful river. So join the game to live a very peaceful life.

Build your home

First, the game gives you an empty house in the old bushes. Your job is to buy and organize your home furnishings nicely and beautifully. Tsuki's Odyssey will get you lost in the mushroom village with funny characters. You have to make money and build a house. Growing products like carrots, cabbage, or lake fishing will help you reap many benefits. Exchange items you need to buy your home. To keep your home looking its best, you need to grow lots of farm produce or lots of fish. Shop more of your home to add a fresh touch to your colorful floors. The game offers you many different tools to exploit objects in the game. Instructions show you what your home needs and where to find it.

Join close friends

Connect with the outside world when you make friends in your village. Negotiating or trading with your neighbors increases your chances of communicating with others. Or you can share your feelings with the people around you. Tsuki always follows you, but this is not your pet, it is an independent pet.

Tsuki will walk around the village and talk wherever he wants. Check out the village regularly and there are many exciting things to discover. Chat with friends using your virtual phone to send text messages or discover new places. Also, search for your favorite character to take photos. There are also ways to move forward in Tsuki’s Odyssey: Trains with vivid graphics.

Choose your character

You can choose your favorite character for yourself like rabbit or fox, mangoes .. and name it to build a house with you and reap the harvest. During sowing, you will get soil; Your job is to pick the varieties and take care of them. Fertilize your soil well so that your plants grow fast.

Share your favorite game results or pictures with your friends. These pictures are posted on the village information board, so you need to take good care of your home. Buy the hottest items when you have enough cash. You can also buy some more bonsai pots to decorate your home. The locations shown on the map will help you find locations for the sale or exchange of cut tools or products.

Add crop source

Make your money more profitable and do the rest of the fish along the river that flows around the village. There are different types of fish that you can harvest. If you are a fan of peace, fishing is a great option. You can exchange more gear for your home by trying to collect more loot for yourself.

Also, Tsuki’s Odyssey with very beautiful landscape graphics with beautiful animals in the forest is a lot of fun to take part in. House jects objects are also called reality, which makes you feel like you are in your own home. Real images with rich and beautiful graphics are those when the game is satisfied when it is experienced by a large number of users. There is also a section with dialogs or tutorials to help you interact more with the community.

Tsuki's Odyssey is a game for home decor, making friends, fishing, and more. This is a passive adventure game that may be suitable for 13+-year-olds. It will help you learn how to organize your home more neatly. Don't waste your free time stress while playing sports; You feel comfortable with your favorite animals in the lush green forest.

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