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3.0.287 for Android
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May 15, 2021

Adventure RPGs often bring different experiences and emotions for players depending on the story or gameplay. Many successful role-players play and are still mentioned today. So far, loads of creative ideas, varied gameplay, and exciting features have evolved the RPG genre with many different types of graphics. One of them is a game called Unknown Hero with classic 2D graphics and it uses novel ideas to give players a journey of endless possibilities. If you prefer to fight non-stop, collect lots of tools and complete difficult challenges, this game is an option for you.

The game

Unknown Hero is an adventure action game set in a fantasy world, and its genre is deep fantasy with many challenges for dungeons, monsters, and players. The gameplay of the game is very different in many ways, such as b. Challenges, weapons, equipment, and mission systems. Of course, the combat system is the best and the players will always be entertained. Instead of focusing on plotting, the game focuses on developing a combat method. As a result, players experience more flexible controls than other 2D side scrolling games. Also, the hack 'n' slash element appears with numerous different combat combinations for each weapon in the game. There are variations in the upgrade system that players can use to upgrade different areas to improve character strength. A large skill system is added to the game, allowing players to choose any skill on the battlefield.

Simple RPG with 2D pixel graphics

The game's graphics are 2D side scrolling but it also has eye-catching colors and serious visual effects to enhance the gaming experience. Great power will always be experienced with every power, and vivid sound effects will excite it. The game has a simple control mechanism and the side scrolling element reduces repetitive tasks and creates more emotions for the player. Simple controls, flexible character movements, and even character animations are carefully crafted to keep Hack's slash apart. Of course, the skill effect also plays a big role in improving a player’s mood, and so is the basic skills system for players.

Character trait

The game has no special character system so players can customize their game style according to their preferences. To do this, players must use related weapons such as wizards, archers, and knights. The variety of weapons includes melee, long-range, and some other unusual weapons that can be seen in the fantasy world. The device works the same way and to some extent increases the player's original figure so that the character adapts to the player's gameplay. Of course, all things differ from a certain rank and become stronger with increasing rank.

The player's journey can cover many parts of the world, traversal dungeons, fight countless monsters and find treasure. So there will be many challenges for game players to entertain players with different game modes. Players who fight will gain exposure points and collect enough levels. As the character level increases, the original stats will increase in a balanced way, new skills will be unlocked, and players will unlock exciting features.

Different skills

The skills system for players is vast, allowing players to create different fighting styles of their choice. New skills are unlocked as the player's level increases, and the player can bring up four active skills during combat. The game also has passive skills and will work consistently to give players more buffer. In addition to various skills and character systems, players can also build and upgrade weapons in the game. Players can use the rest of the weapons to craft raw materials. When their rank is high, the effects associated with new weapons are great. If players prefer current weapons, they can upgrade to increase power.

Players will have to explore the map every time, collect all the weapons and unlock the title whenever it comes into play. Not only that, but the game also offers many different opportunities for players to drop high-quality items. A game with endless gameplay can be unknown. If you like games like Stranger Hero, kick him now

1. No Skill CD
2. High DMG Skill

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