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Feb 23, 2021

"Brave Heart: The Great War" has long been a household name among gamers in the gaming world. It is one of the most popular games with a unique genre compared to other popular genres. Which takes the player to the First World War, where players will play the role of brave soldiers to take part in a live battle. The game can also be a heroic and real story that makes players feel like they are in this battle and Sounds unforgettable. One of the top honors to win multiple awards, including Best Narrative at Game Awards 201 Best. Brave Heart: The Great War will be a historic historical game that everyone should try for now. Will be one of the games.

The game

Brave Heart: The Great War brings the player back to World War I. Where the players play the roles of Emil, Carl, Freddie, and Anna, there are four different parts to the game that correspond to different stories about these characters. You can learn more about the personalities of these characters, as well as their gameplay through stories. With unique gameplay of finding and solving puzzles, you will slowly and carefully explore the stories of these characters. Depending on the various factors, the assigned mission will properly take on the role of a character from home even on the battlefield or on the bomb. With exclusive gameplay and the excellent story of the game, the game becomes one of the best games in the gaming world.

The story surprises us

Brave Heart: The Great War is considered a dark story. With short stories of different characters, you will see the loss of family affection, courage or any character in the First World War. Realistically immersed in the characters, you will experience many different emotional outlines that the characters in the game have to experience. The storyline of this game successfully conveys a meaningful message that the developer wants to send into the game. Brave Hearts: The Great Stories are probably the most touching stories that make you cry or think while playing this game.


Brave Heart: Great War uses classic 2D graphics. However, when you play this game you will feel like you are reading a lot of novels and you will be able to interact with the characters of the game. The graphics of this game are like amazing animations. Since then, most smartphones these days have been able to access the game. Brave Heart: It's easy to experience meaningful stories in The Great War.

Brave Heart: The Great War is a game of love and compassion. The game empowers the player with problems such as difficult decisions to make. This gives the players a lot of spirit after completing the story of the game. Brave Heart: The Great War is a game you should play at least once in your life.

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