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WG Skin Injector
18.0 for Android
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Nov 21, 2020

First of all, let me say that the Worst Gaming Skin Injector is not the worst. It has some cool features that will benefit everyone, and you can read them all in the tasks section. If you have features like Rank Booster in addition to ML. If you are looking for skin, this tool is your check. I can assure you that you will like this device.

In my case skins played a key role in the success of mobile legends, and I really like my favorite character in particle costumes, and they offer special powers as well as some combat effects. I hope you know these issues.

If you want free ML skin and you don't want to buy it legally from a traditional Monton store, you can use our Worst Gaming Skin Injector tool for your needs. It includes the latest and updated items published by the official development team.

Also, you don't have to worry about losing your main account. This is anti-ban !!

What is the worst gaming skin injector APK?

Worst Gaming Skin Injector APK is a newly released patching tool for mobile legends: Bang! Bang! And WG is also popular as a skin injector. If you want to shop with war issues, they sell really expensive skins for popular characters. This includes all types including mazes, assassins, fighters, marksmen, tanks, and support.

The only thing I really like about this device is the responsive design of the interface and content. I can get 10 out of 10 points for UI if the developer wants to rate the tool from me. I really like the theme colors too and I think the developer inspired the design with our own mobile Lela tool. It looks almost identical.

The injectability is just terrible and works flawlessly without any defects - ML is A simple tool with a good collection of skin, recall, and analog styles. I hope the developer will include more in the next updates.

Download the latest version of Worst Gaming Injector APK on Android

You can download the latest working version for Android devices here. The team behind Apkboat.com is constantly checking the developer channel for updates. Sometimes we personally keep in touch with God to find out the state of development. Of course, you can find the official Work Gaming Skin Injector APK on this page.


Before downloading the APK file, ask them to copy the application's password. So when you open it, you can just paste it in your desired area.


Character Skins for Free

To be able to use these functions, you must first acquire the right character for your game. And then you can potentially unlock the skins paid for by the hero with the worst gaming injector. Otherwise, it is not possible. So introduce yourself to M.L. Get some battle points to unlock the heroes.

You can find all kinds of characters here. So we have shown a few points below. Just check your thoughts.

Analog Styles and Recall Effects

The app has a good collection of Recall effects, all of which are free to use. Just tap your device to inject. It's pretty simple. The developer will add more in future updates.

Analog Styles is a custom made covers for your analog controller. Only show your friends. I don't think you need it.


  1. Uber cool User Interface - Yes, this user interface is fantastic compared to the skin injector tool on our website with Mosi PF.
  2. Flawless Injection Method - It works just fine when you inject some skins or items from a Worst Gaming Skin Injector tool.
  3. Collecting the latest outfits - the developer has added new skins that Monto released in a few weeks.
  4. App Updates - Push updates by fixing bugs and adding new features.
  5. Online Server - Internet connection is required to provide content.
  6. Backup - You can go back to the default skins that came with the character when you purchased it.