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1.6.62 for Android
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Jul 09, 2021

In many science fiction films, many causes can end human existence. Of these dozens of reasons, zombies are the choice that many filmmakers use as an excuse. A zombie is an animal that created a virus to kill human beings. It not only exists in the world of movies, but the game contains a zombie image for players to experience. There are many titles on this topic, but one game that is highly appreciated by gamers is Zombie Survival Defense. The game has straightforward gameplay that anyone can play, so the game reaches multiple players.

The world enjoys a peace it has never seen before. People are making great strides in science and technology. But no one knew that these events led to the destruction of humanity. Experiments are carried out in a secret laboratory to bring the dead back to life. The experiment has spread a new virus into the environment that could turn people into zombies. The virus has spread incredibly fast, people are on the verge of extinction. The number of infected people is increasing and gradually the survivors have to come together to protect each other. You have built strong defenses to prevent zombie attacks. Players must become the survivors and fight to destroy the zombies. Players are sent forward so they can fight and fight the zombies to attack. This place is a very dangerous place and it is a player who is handling his office fees.

Gameplay is simple but very interesting

This game has the same gameplay as tower defense games. The player has the task to attack the zombies with his warriors. Zombies are trying to get to the player's place, so they need to organize the warriors standing behind the obstacle to attack the zombies. First, the player has to click on the warriors so they can shoot at the same time. However, players can use this upgrade for automated combat features. Zombies are rapidly approaching the player's position, so you have to use warriors to destroy them. Initially, the probability of zombies will be low, but later the number will increase and the game will be more difficult. Players will receive prizes after completing each stage. The higher the level, the higher the rewards.

Use warriors

If you want to fight, warriors are essential because they are the ones who go out to fight. The game's creative team has created a highly customizable warrior system for player selection. Each warrior has a role, power figures and various special abilities that they can use in battle. The way to get these warriors is through action or by attending events. One such warrior is Bigdi, who has the ability to attack enemies with a pistol. Its ability is to increase its fire rate in the long run. There are also many other warriors in the game, such as punkers or squirrels, which can be used by players. Also, players can use the money earned after the fight to upgrade. If you want to upgrade from one star to two stars, you need to use three cards of the same type for promotion. For example, three one-star warriors, when combined, will upgrade the warrior to two stars.

Weapons system

Warriors need weapons to be able to fight the enemy. The game has an incredibly large weapon system that players can use to equip them for their warriors. Players will receive weapons ranging from pistols, rifles, submarines, shotguns to sniper rifles or heavy machine guns. It should be noted, however, that players must choose the right weapons for the warriors to use. Players can also upgrade weapons to make them stronger than before. However, this will require enough footage to update the player. The material required for this is the tool that the player collects. Each level requires a different number of gears to complete the upgrade. Therefore, players need to collect equipment and money to upgrade weapons.

  • Gold is not spent;
  • Bucks increase with purchases.

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