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Koco Games
1.25 para Android
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mar. 18, 2021

Simple graphics and fun characters

Going Battle has 2D screens with a full horizontal perspective. So you get a closer look at what happens in sports. It is appropriate to prepare the necessary things of the players with a sense of focus. In other words, they have to look at what has come out of the attack by enemy troops and give a full response.

At this point, the characters you control are warriors and some weapons. It has a small and impressive build. So the game offers you simple graphics but still has its definite appeal. During this process, players will realize how the gameplay of the game will bring and adapt its new elements as quickly as possible. Therefore, the game still has a uniqueness.

Move your team forward

Battlefield offers the same gameplay as military defense games. In particular, the player will take part in the match and try to stop the enemies from progressing slowly. At the same time, the player is given a detachment of soldiers with many different characteristics with which he can fight enemies. But not as easy as you think.

The characters of this game are arranged on a horizontal wall and enemies appear on the left side of the screen. Even though you have a lot of military elements, there is one element you need to know that money has limits. In other words, when you buy a character, the amount of play will always change (increase and decrease). If money has not increased over time, then you cannot buy a model character.

This factor gives you a bigger problem in solving currency problems. So, during the game, you can create the most character types to master the game and achieve some economic stability. At the same time, you will find it difficult to close your eyes because you always observe three factors: enemies, money, and soldiers. Soldiers in this game are not like towers in defense games because they can still take damage.

Especially in a defense game, the player will try to build a tower and your enemies will pass it to infiltrate your barracks. Therefore, they serve the same purpose as above and do not damage your tower. But for this game, players will control their characters and face the enemy. They are still taking damage and dying at any moment. So it is important to keep the army out at all times.

Use your gun

War soldiers have given you many different soldiers who will gradually learn their reliability through different battles. Along with this, it is always necessary to develop an effective strategy to use these soldiers perfectly properly. But later the game will become more difficult and the player will want to increase the performance.

They will try to save a certain amount and consider upgrading their military stats. This needs to be taken into account because upgrades always meet a certain requirement and it is useless to upgrade the troops that you rarely use. Therefore, it is always a difficult task and it depends on the player's strategy to ensure his victory on the field and at different levels of the game.

Sports provide entertainment

War Troops is the core of a simple game that soldiers must understand, but no less challenging than understanding. Players find a strategy and the right parts to coordinate best with each other. In some cases, players cannot turn a blind eye to what is going on in the game and use their judgment. This game is a time of great entertainment.

Defensive games are no longer a fantastic genre in the game with their catching game. They are gameplay owners that anyone can understand and use, but it's not that these games are always easy for gamers to use. Players will master many different challenges as the difficulty increases. You have to use the opportunity that you have to move forward in the game. So it can be said that it is difficult to take your eyes off these games. If you’re a defense game lover, you can’t ignore battle soldiers.

  • Money and coins are not spent
  • You can make purchases even if you don’t have enough game currency.

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