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sept. 14, 2020

Football is the most popular sport in the world, and it has the highest number of players and fans worldwide. It is the" King of Sports "and the world-class tournament commonly known as WMS. The tournament, which brings together the best teams from all countries of the world championships. Competing for trophies. The gaming market, there are also players are meeting many football games. A popular game, and it is the most important number of players and fans worldwide. The King tied the game and World Class tournament are usually close to the World Cup, which brings together the best teams from all countries of the world to compete for the championship trophy. Also, the player is met with many football games.

Do you want to have other well-known teams likely have to deal with a higher level football team? If you have a passion for football, its Football Manager 2020 football game that you can not ignore. Created by the Football Manager they are well-known sports companies with titles in the football genre, with many successful publishing products. This game is a game "is a Football Manager sequel "praised by many successful players on the mobile platform. While this continues to be a success, the second half of the game was officially released. However, it is only released a long time ago, the players receive something of much praise. Are you waiting now without the spirit of the game to become an admin team?

Play the game

Come to the game, you begin to dial the first player from any country. In each country, it will range from different teams to the likes. For example, if you need to choose from two tournaments to choose from to participate in the big tournament Spain, the biggest tournament is two La Liga and the second is La Liga with two Spanish players. Player Selected Tournament La Liga There is Atletico Madrid, Barcelona ... Every team, there is to be a reality, from the football player comes to choose the big teams, you are part of the football club La Liga in many footballs. Once you have your team selection, you will be the team manager, until the end of the tournament.

So they better develop their team of players in many different ways. You can compete for such player contracts and pay them their clubs with other players. In the beginning, players can only play the stadium club field will be able to do two things players, use two things that get for free. A stadium is an exciting place for the duel and the club zone is the place for club activities. You can also use the Club Control Training Program at the Training Ground. Here you can choose a long or short training session for his club. You can create young players training academies in section and youth academy. And there are many other places to explore their game. This will make the very reality similar players think of such a top club.


Top games

Unlike other games, you have to control the players against other team players. But in this game, it will not make perfect, then you will be like the audience who sits in your stand watching. It may make some people uncomfortable, but bring an authentic feeling to the game. Of course, you will be able to sit and watch for the first 90 minutes. Fast forward to the game refers to the most attractive players, which waste time and bus stops.

Choose your team

You can choose from more than 800 variants of 33 countries, select different teams to guide them. All come from real-life inspiration, they are a real team and real players. The game has players known as Lionel Messi or Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo from Barcelona.


Football Manager 2020 is a 3D graphics same format as your older brother's Football Manager world format. Game players have no beautiful form, but combined with the gameplay in the game, it is not so important. Players can also get the best experience with this game.

Effects and sound

The operation of the game extremely simple, but still not realistic. Fortunately, this was a sound match game, very carefully put the audience singing the game. Players will enjoy a very authentic sound of the game. Football Manager 2020 Very wonderful experience to bring.

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