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BoomBit Games
3.2.0 एंड्रॉयड के लिए
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मार्च 07, 2021

Car Driving School Simulator is a game that lets you discover traffic rules by driving a car. Do you remember if the driver's license test and the results were really their best? In fact, there are numerous situations a driver may encounter. Things are not so simple when you take the exam. Modern roads and transportation systems around the world offer many interesting experiences. You have to sit in your car and control it according to the requirements of the game. It must be said that for you, game design is the most varied test of driving skills. Conquer levels to complete challenges ranging from simple to complex.

An excellent challenge for the driver

When players enter the car driving school simulator, they try to be drivers and have the best driving skills. No need to be an experienced person. The game's level system trains all players if they don't know anything. To make yourself unique and as creative as anyone else. Be prepared for difficult situations or developer needs. Without an internet connection, players can compete with many other players in offline mode or play offline. If you like driving, this is one of the best sports for you. If you do not want to face real challenges with your car, please explore it in this game. You don't have to worry about the cost of repairing or servicing the car.

Start drawing

Starting and controlling your car in the game is also very easy. Press the button to start the engine, depress the accelerator and brake pedal and instruct to drive according to the symbols. Car Driving School Simulator presents simple challenges for beginners. You will have no problem if you experience this game for the first time. So don't worry. However, once you allow the car to steer and roll, the automatic speed system becomes more difficult. Of course, this change is not difficult for players. For example, the weather conditions are no longer as favorable as before. There were snow and rain clouds on the road. However, driving is very easy, and it is difficult for players to improve their skills.

Amazing support

Car games, be it racing or driving simulation, are indispensable for supercars. No player wants to play driving games with an old car. For this reason, Car Driving School Simulator offers players a completely new and varied set of super sports cars. Regardless of the player's style and preferences, they can find a car for themselves. Here you can find the latest sports cars such as SUVs, sedans, hypercars, and hatchbacks, or even buses and trucks that are simulated and updated in the game. To get ownership of the model Dell you want, create an equal amount of declared value. Put your favorite car model through tough tests.

Win all templates

Aside from the varied vehicle system, the game also takes players to famous destinations and you should feel like a happy driver as you know many places. California, Canada, Aspen, Las Vegas, or New York are places that many people want to explore. Drive through famous cities, rocky mountain roads, deserts or beaches, and snow-covered roads. In addition to visiting each location, players can improve their knowledge of safety and road safety and find and enjoy exciting views. Check out the highlights of each country, each with its own culture-specific context.

Extreme graphics of the game

Real 3D graphics make you feel like you're in a real supercar. All the details of the car like steering wheel, horn, lights, speed sign, fuel are based on the design of the car manufacturer. The game helps bring out the most authentic feel for the player. It has nothing to criticize for the graphics; The sound effects are versatile and stunning. So that the player's experience in relation to the game is very authentic.

Car Driving School Simulator is a driving game for players with a rich car system. This delightful driving style will allow you to experience new and difficult roads from every angle and learn more real traffic rules.

MOD Info?

All cars in the game are unlocked.
After driving in the game, your fuel amount will not decrease, it will always increase.
All features in the game sold for real money are unlocked.

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Free Shopping/All Unlocked
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