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जून 05, 2021

Car Launcher Pro is an integrated technology application on the vehicle platform. It is a platform-based application that represents the exclusive launch vehicles used in om automobiles. Users can connect the program with their phone and connect it to their car. The easiest way to connect our system program is to make it easier for users to travel by car.

Today it is an application with the highest technical features, so its quality is always guaranteed. Our application strives to provide users with the best possible satisfaction and quality, and we always strive to improve its features. If you are a car user, then immediately download this app on your device and experience that you must be satisfied with this app.

Basic functions of the application

With advanced and customizable systems like Car Launcher Pro, make sure that the features of the app also give everyone a little satisfaction. This version is completely free for all users. It is now integrated on all platforms for mobile devices. So all users can easily download and experience it. Users can easily set it as the primary launcher by opening the Home button.

If you want a quick start on the home screen, you can add any app you want. You can set many different folders through the application selected by the user. From there, it’s easy to move them all to the home screen. All selected apps can be edited with just a few user-friendly taps. To open the Edit menu, long-press the icon you want to edit. Based on the GPS data provided by the app, the user can see the exact speed of the vehicle on the main screen. This is one of the most impressive features that the app gives the user.

To mark

In addition to the essential features that the Car Launcher Pro app gives users, it also has many excellent features to help users in driving. The first feature is that the speed of the vehicle is shown in the status bar, which makes it easy for users to use the vehicle. You can quickly launch this app's menu from a list of all types of apps.

All functions and features in the application are constantly installed and updated to provide innovation and improvement for the users. The user can press the wall button or drag it to the right edge of the main screen to open a single program. If you want to take advantage of the ease of use of your user interface, set up a full menu slide. Slides include some menus such as speedometer, passable distance, average speed ...

Users can see the display time directly through the parameters of the listed data. This application has the exceptional ability to convert motion effects from miles to km. In addition, there are many outstanding features that users need to know and discover.

Jobs that the application supports for the user

At Car Launcher Pro, our users are fully supported with the highest quality. Our program supports 3 main screen elements depending on your preference or possibly the default setting. Third-party units are fully supported by our system - support for recording third-party applications in relation to covered performance. Continue to support the symbol in the third picture, which is related to the rock target. The program supports the weather on the main screen, determines the update rate, and provides information about the user's location.

Home screen saver

The Car Launcher Pro app supports a very modern and versatile screen saver. The user can easily select different fonts for the program. You can easily change the size and color of the program to your liking. All unnecessary elements are removed by this saver. There are also functions such as reducing glare, increasing data on the screen when the door is opened.

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