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ColdFire Games GmbH
1.5.3 एंड्रॉयड के लिए
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अप्रैल 28, 2021
Aerospace Search people much lower prices if they already know about them. The agreed human imagination is still in the space research business. In fact, business space research space steps for space travelers are located near the earth's orbit. But the game is completely different. Example Tycoon Manufacturing For recently defunct space, we could sell spaceships. For everything you print, because it works the inactive way the same players can experience the rest, there is no uphill battle.

ColdFire is the author of the game GmbH Game Play when it was released on Google just a few days ago. It is your brother, because the game was released a long time ago, has gained a great success base. Passive Room Kisses will play more than a million downloads on Google and continues to grow. Developing two games with the same theme, but playing in different ways, to support each other.

Very useless game!

The game graphics are easily removed in a simple and understandable way. 2D format will greatly reduce the game's potential. With only 22 MB, players can experience on a smartphone. The visual genre is not even a classical form console reminiscent of the player released about ten years ago. Of course, it is easier and more colorful.

Play the game

The "passive space giant" mentioned above, the player is allowed to own a business where the main spacecraft product. Especially when things aren't done yet, there's only one goal for your business. There you can only produce five low-level but maximum spacecraft. But do not despair because the money can be used to expand their production based on earnings. You probably can buy new types of used ships were more important than the old model. The amount of money on the screen, you deserve another. And then touch the player on the floor to produce a wealth play screen.

Besides taking full advantage of the cost of ships, hire a pilot, and they will work for you. They fly a certain amount of money into the universe. What is inactive play is special when you are not online, money will continue to grow automatically. When you touch the screen for the game, save money re-entering. However, automatically depositing the money will gradually straighten it and insert it. In addition, there is a steady supply of daily tasks. The game does not require any internet connection anywhere, so you can play it at any time. Finally, you can set up spaceship research labs to create new species. You are their friend copyright and it will bring a lot more money than before.

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