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Cheritz Co., Ltd
1.17.2 एंड्रॉयड के लिए
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जून 30, 2021

For girls, did you like such games Otome games or dating sim games genres? Do you want to get acquainted with funny, cool, cool, hot guys that can only be found in anime species? It can be missed when you play with the game characters directly. And that will be a game that will give an interesting experience, Mystic Messenger. Otome game in the development of a special company for Korean women developed by Cheritz. The rating system, published June 18, 2016, App Store "Mystic Messenger rushed and has received many compliments and many players around the world. A romantic and face-to-face romantic story. In this game, players communicate messages directly to the conversation. With a real sense of the game can send male characters to interact with each other real players. In addition, the play depends on many different players who end up in another game to improve the selection of tracks.


The player assumes the role to play an ordinary female character. Suddenly, he downloaded one day when he was talking about an unknown character directly to the app being hacked and sent messages to the app. This guy tries to convince him he'll get the station owner who wants his phone. He is known for official history, agrees to come, then begins to call his home here. He begins to live in a house called The Rika (Rika Fundraising Association), an organization owned by Rika. Here they were able to meet all members of the RFA and were invited to invite third parties that expected RFA members guests. It will be organizing the first party in the chat room and members have been added to download the popular messaging app at an overview of the game's history. Thus he also gave the characters a different story for each of the 7 routes, exploring the truth behind the RFA, must decide


Like other Otome games, players have an option to guide through the game's history and meet their lines for circumstances. Depending on their answers, there are many different directions that land can be distributed to end players of this story. Whether the application displays messaging operators distinguish mystic message lines via messenger that players follow the story. The game plot will last 11 days on any track. The first day will be on presentation, the general story in the next three days and after the fifth day, everyone started on the way. Players can choose the path for themselves. At the end of the fourth day, the game system will automatically negotiate the first 4 days of the calculation, determining the best player character or player character. It is noted that the attention of the players does not part with the need for anyone to do bad parts or remove bad ends.

Players will work on a real-time basis on the phone to make reality better. Which players respond positively gives them some of the characters with increased empathy. With each correct answer for each character, the player will be the heart of different colors based on each character and the basis of these players, the way will enter it. Players who have a personal message with the character I can give you a lot of attention. Keep Heart I Play Hours Glasses game is a very important point in which few players are used to change the game chat you earn when players open the screen is a chat screen, many advantages would like to be part of the DLC ... In addition to playing game characters to interact, T players are invited to create work. Guests will agree with me for the cast chat room players proposal, just to bring it up, it automatically uses an e-mail. The player's task is to email visitors 3 times now to answer visitors if they are wrong, they did not. The game, inviting the player, affects the end of 15 people or more, it will be a good goal, and if that is not enough, it will usually stop.


While the game style graphic design is very simple, the use of beautiful game graphics can not be denied. The game interface was built with a modern and luxurious way. The character models are very impressive when they all capture the personality of their players as a role model.

How do you feel about this game very exciting? Then you send the message that, while interacting with the characters in the game is a real experience of interacting players in real life. So why  Mystic Messenger download to your computer to enjoy the experience faster.

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Unlimited hourglasses and give active 

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