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Remote Mouse
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जून 28, 2021

When televisions were just being built, television-owned homes were the focus everywhere. Whenever a movie or show airs on television, the whole neighborhood with the television goes home to watch the program on television. In those days television was undeveloped in size and it showed very few television programs, but at that time it was more than enough. Nowadays, TVs have come out with the best design and the best features that bring entertainment to everyone. We already have a smartphone, and now we have to use one more thing: SmartTV. The phone can only have an operating system, but the TV can also be used as a phone with an Android operating system. Users can easily access the internet or do whatever they want on their TV. And if you want more convenience, the Remote Mouse app can find your phone in the mouse. Users can work faster on their big TVs and get what they want quickly.


Before using this application, the user must know what it can do and what its functions are. This application is mainly used to learn the user's phone in the mouse used to watch TV. When a smart TV is made, its remote control is the mouse, but without this function the remote control. So if you want to keep a mouse, it will cost you some money to buy it. In order to use this application, you must meet the condition that this device is an application that is installed on both TVs and smartphones. However, using this app will save users a lot and save a lot of money. Just download the app and connect it to the user's TV. You will then receive a mouse that you can use immediately. Then the user can act very quickly with each key to move.

Easy to connect

Maybe a lot of people think it’s hard to connect, but connecting this app isn’t as hard as they imagine it is. As with smartphones and televisions, it has a WiFi connection to access the Internet. As long as they are both connected to the same WiFi network, they can connect without any problems. Anyone can do it. However, this doesn’t always work, so the creative team added another way to prevent this from happening. Another way to connect the two is with an IP address. Enter the IP address of the application installed on the phone's TV to connect. If the first method fails, the second method is a backup to connect the two. While the second option takes more time, it shouldn’t be too much.


In addition to acting as a multi-function mouse, it also acts as a TV remote control. If the TV remote control is damaged or the battery is empty, the app can also be used as an optional remote control. The functions of this replacement remote control will not be secondary to the original remote control that can be used. Users can use the app to change channels, increase or decrease the volume, and perform many other actions for this application.

Use as a wireless keyboard

Aside from the fact that the mouse is the main feature for the user, there is also a wireless keyboard that the user can use. If you move the mobile device left or right, you can see the full-screen keyboard in landscape or portrait mode. Typing takes a long time if you use a normal keyboard. Using the function as a keyboard makes everything better and more convenient to use.

Connect multiple devices

Not only is it allowed to connect to a TV, but this app can be connected to many other devices for use in many different situations. The application can be connected to a tablet to be used as a real computer. Or can be managed from the user's device and connected only to the computer.

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