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Star wars galaxy of heroes is the best strategy and role for android phones. Game you will be a great hologram galaxy to win the fight to join the star wars star characters, even be able to get their forces together With this game you can fight and take on rivals and opponents. With the game against the control of all team members, you will be able to On the dangerous enemy will travel on. There you need to pay for the features that can improve your character skills unique strategy or war game. Download Star Wars Heroes now enjoy this game.

With Star Wars, you can use characters from every era that can be adapted to your dream team. Star Wars story New characters from Star Wars history, the last Jedi and evil. Turn-based RPG fighting boss huge boss, the Millennium Falcon because your pilot in this area, and take your strategy to the next level involved.

Key Features of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod

  • Different characters.
  • Pretty diverse Lukin the Shins.
  • Play as a turn-based combat.
  • The building is likely.
  • Collection of heroes.
  • Training is likely to increase the strength of the hero.
  • Fight in the best places.
  • Upgrade to increase character abilities.
  • The choice was also a strategic and tactical decision.
  • Beautiful graphics gameplay.
  • The possibility of creating special characters was reversed.
  • More ...


Here are the most important features set up that way you can enable the latest offers.

Unlimited Crystals

  • Particles are a form of game currency. Each player is a reward consistent with the successful completion of the crystal of three fights. The information card is used to purchase the Stone Boost, energy booster, package and reset the Cooldown timer. Data cards are unique characters, but these can be added to your list. If we are looking at more than 140 characters in the game unlocked after a long lineup, we will need a lot of crystals. Along with the APK Heroes of Star Wars Galaxies modification, you will find unlimited crystals win without a war. If you get a lot of crystals, it is recommended to use it.

Unlimited power

  • A player can always use crystals to buy vats energy, but this process takes time which can prove fatal if out in combat. While being able to achieve energy can be an early level, it is important to limit unlimited energy. This task gives the player can immediately fill the energy bar Cantina, change, and when the fleet war again.

A wise killer

  • With this function, no player can lose more than 90% of health opponents with a single hit or light hit. That hit feature is only available in modern God and press Activate with the curry from the game menu.

Unlimited health

  • The player on the dark side may be a modern version of the game. In this case, it is enough for an unlimited life that you need to be invincible. How To Make Blazing, Blast or Bowcaster Weapons Damage

Open letter

  • The wars start each character in their strengths and weaknesses. The maximum abilities are signals like its strength, speed, health and Revan, Commander Look, R2D2, Ray, BB8, Emperor Palpatine, Yoda Thrawn, and Dormant. Each of the different struggles in the game fight a great sign for his side, if you will. The information can be either on the card or a player available to use about 140 characters to be able to choose the latest version of the game.

Information Heroes from Star Wars Galaxy Plays

Make the final team

Rebel leader? Caesar veterans? You are free, because when you decide to collect the elite light and build up the hero from the dark side teams of the Star Wars ™ universe and other characters. Develop your strategy and important step in this epic RPG. Choose players with complementary skills and battle with the Unbeatable squad!

GALAXY was the subject of a Master's

Defeat your opponents and climb to the top, as you dominate a distant Cantina-based galactic holograms. Your battle tactics are improved by equipping your hero skills and playing for even more powerful attacks and big gainers. Executive Cantina combat, other players in the PVP team win the Galaxy Arena and fight back the competition in that team.


Star Wars, Star Wars:: The latest Jedi and Evil One: One Story Star Wars You're using all the characters, including new ones in his team's dream or solo. Turn-based team into the big boss battle face legendary scout ships, and incorporate his strategy to the next level. You can light up and build elite teams on the dark side while collecting great heroes and other characters from the Star Wars universe. Choose from more than 140 characters and it takes them to fight. Three different modes of play, Team Catina combat, PVP Arena fighters and fighters, and daily research tournaments to re-establish. Knorr is about half the game for free if you want to explore more.

Perspective Tips The Enlightened Galaxy Star Wars Hero

  • Not hard by hard work, it comes heroes come through you could play the game with the game Star Wars Galaxies or something: Signs Star Wars Hero Galaxy Kills Success. These heroes apply to Star Wars Galaxy, all Star Wars Galaxies game currency heroes are guaranteed to elite level then you do not star wars galaxies. They say that from heroes such as Star Wars galaxies are the key to a large scale. However, lazy, some of the heroes of the Star Wars galaxies do not work for you. Heroes mode that makes you always want to guarantee the entire Star Wars galaxy play.
  • Improve Your Hero's Star Wars Galaxies Success Through Economy: Working Star Wars Galaxies is a matter of tough heroes. However, the various crystals and credit collections and game tires are one that is quite ineffective. Star Wars Galaxies on Heroes is the key to spending smart for their success. Buy any unneeded Star Wars galaxy, intelligent heroes, before the heroes think more Star Wars galaxy. This progress will therefore only hinder its Star Wars Heroes galaxy. The hero is the last star wars aimed at the galaxy. Never manage to buy heroes worth if you don't think it's the usual Star Wars Galaxies article.
  • Heroes Third-Party Software Increased Effectiveness From Star Wars Galaxy - But You Can Overcome Your Star Wars Galaxy Heroes Expectations Through Their Impact On Using Third-Party Software. This Star Wars Heroes Galaxy APK improves the gift of harvesting radicals and outdated gift features. The word fear is sometimes associated with the Star Wars hero cheat tool of the galaxy. Star Wars Heroes could be a bounty malware for mobile phones and computers at risk for Galaxy users are really dangerous. Some of these present themselves in stealth.


You can also collect epic ships connected to the iconic spaceships, including slaughter and the Millennium Falcon, and large-scale Admiral Ackbar home-capital ships. Strategize to win collaborations, fight with your friends and create battlefields with your guild in the arena. Faceoff to face shows your supremacy against other players.