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Ben 10 Heroes (MOD, Free Purchased) Apk untuk Android Gratis Unduh

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Epic Story Interactive
1.7.1 untuk Android
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Jun 30, 2021

Ben 10 is a popular animated series that has come out in various versions that created an entertaining and impressive concept about aliens. In addition, it offers many interesting games for gamers to immerse themselves in numerous battles of powerful aliens or villains. One such material is Ben 10 Heroes, developed in the Match-3 genre, but it is better and more flexible for players to enjoy a new part of the genre. Not only that but any well-known characters or aliens will also appear in the gameplay and will also introduce many new mechanics for the players to fully enjoy the game.

The fast pace and busy Match-3 gameplay

The main part of Ben 10 Heroes is a match 3 puzzle game but it combines action to make the gameplay faster and more exciting. This greatly stimulates the player’s fighting spirit and just a few simple mechanics should be followed to win. It won't stop there but will introduce more specialized game modes, including game challenges or comic strip activities that allow anyone to collect many special prizes. In addition, every alien appearing in the franchise will appear in every challenge, and players can use and utilize their powers effectively for every battle and more.

Easy but difficult match 3 puzzle

The gameplay of the game is puzzle-style, with new concepts and mechanics in the same game genre. In each challenge, players will have to collect the necessary blocks to fill each skill and use special skills to defeat the enemy. However, players need to know when it's their turn, how to choose each move, and anyone has many opportunities to create impressive combos. In addition, players can create special supporting obstacles on the field and use their ability to increase the total score and defeat the enemy. Variety of matches and randomness The 3 modes in this game will always amaze the players and give them complete entertainment during numerous challenges.

Collect unique aliens for a change

Ben 10 Heroes will feature all the aliens in the franchise and create an impressive number of variations for players to collect for the team. Depending on the battle, players can choose which alien they want to transform and use their skills and power through match-3 puzzles. The characteristics of each alien are impressive and are always appropriate to fight any enemy, but they require the player to collect random new units. Each alien's appearance is random, but players can use it to complete other challenges so that each alien's power can be studied and appreciated in combination with the Matrix.

Merge and upgrade aliens

When players have multiple aliens, they can merge or upgrade existing aliens to improve performance or unlock new skills in combat. The in-game upgrade system is in-depth and also allows the player to develop any alien desired in various dimensions to suit a range of situations. In addition, players can merge by unlocking new differences in the team, to correct similar aliens. The game will introduce many new aliens that have never been seen before in a franchise and showcase the game's creativity as it entertains and expands the player's endless travel exploration.

Various cartoon activities and events

The most interesting thing about Ben 10 Heroes is that it integrates with the mode line mode, so a lot of new elements are updated regularly to enrich the gameplay and bring a lot of new activities to the players. It includes new characters, costumes, events, and special challenges, as well as many generous rewards for upgrading aliens. The impressive thing is that some events can be based on festivals or major events in the world, allowing players to collect limited items and stand on the battlefield. In addition, special challenges provide players with a team ready to beat and beat numerous of the villain’s players in the franchise.

Fight with other players to increase your rank

Everything becomes more exciting when players compete in specific situations or against other players on the team. It also includes auto toe-battle or real-time battle modes, in which players prove their Match-3 skills and snatch opponents with destructive combos. In addition, the rewards for PVP battles are generous and powerful

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