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gen 10, 2021

Rugby is not an unfamiliar sport to many players in the world as it is very popular. Especially in America, sports are given even more attention than football, the king of sports. It was first introduced in 1869 and quickly became the most popular sport in the United States. As the annual tournament shows, not only in the USA but also in many neighboring countries, which are very interested in sports. Many schools also have rugby clubs that can participate in tournaments. Like many sports like basketball or soccer, there is no reason why the game itself is not a game.

The game is Touchdrawn - a rugby-themed puzzle game that players can only experience. This is not the first time a game on the subject has been introduced, but this game will have a completely different gameplay than before. If players just want to experience a new understanding of rugby, this game is an excellent choice for players.

The graphics are sleek but straightforward

In the game, each player wants to represent the ideal character image that can be experienced. But the game goes in the opposite direction, the character in the game is just one person and it is built very simply. It is almost enough for the player to imagine that it is the soccer player who controls the player. Because of this simplicity, to experience this simplicity, the game has led many gamers to the game. In many other games, the character is shown in full, which often requires storage space. But everything is very simple for this game, so it does not take much memory to download the game. So the game doesn't need much hardware, just a mid-range device is enough to play the game.

The gameplay is simple and easy to play

In many other sports, they try to combine all the elements of reality for the experience of all the players. Most of the rules and conditions of the game are presented for the game. But the game is different. The only thing that sustains the game is to hold the ball and touch it down to win. But the player does not directly control the character, he has to make way for it. Players move their fingers according to the picture they are drawing, creating a line for the character. After the player releases the finger from the screen, the character follows what he draws on the target. There is only one chance to attract the player. The character will move after your finger listing and if you lose you will have to restart. All this requires players to play the game, sounds pretty simple, doesn't it? But ending the game is not as easy as you think, without a strategy, you will easily lose.

Lots of different obstacles

The game also has a lot of obstacles and rivals that hinder the player's steps. In the early stages, the player can easily pass, as it is simply something that players can use for the game. The objects in the game are simply motionless, so the player must draw correctly to be able to cross the stage. There will be many rivals in the game that will disappoint the players. There is a zone around each opponent. If a player enters this zone, the player will be stopped and the game will be lost. So players have to find a way to overcome them without going into the field to be able to win. Initially, it didn’t kick, so it wasn’t too hard for the player to cross it. But in the following stages, they will start running and the game will be very difficult. If the player does not draw properly, you will most likely lose and have to find another way to overcome it. There will be stages when there will be too many enemies that the player will not be able to overcome on his own. Fellow players will get collaboration. The player should only allow his fellow players to move forward and stop the opponent so that the player can overtake him.

Collect coins

A lot of coins are displayed in the game and the player has to move around them to collect them. Players can collect these coins to unlock many new items in the game. For example, players can change balls of many different colors and styles to innovate. Or you can buy more new costumes to make the character more special.

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