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Social networks are so popular right now that everyone has at least one account. There are people who eat many different accounts for every purpose. In general, the habit of using social media has become a routine for modern people. When a day is not updated with the news on social networks, many people feel uncomfortable. Have you ever thought that your social media accounts would get a lot of attention? Knowing that using Xprofile & Profile Analysis is not very difficult. Basically, it helps you analyze what's going on in your profile. This app has the ability to know certain, unnecessary information about social media accounts.

Find all the statistics for you

When users post their activity on a social networking website. The more active you are, the better your account feedback will be. Try to be friends with many people and share interesting moments with them. However, when everything gets out of hand, it’s hard to know who’s working hard with you. "Xprofile" is filtered based on all the parameters that allow you to find out what's happening in your profile. Profile trends such as engagement rates, average likes, and follower rates are important parameters so you can take the right steps to use social networks. Or, just looking forward to seeing if you're going to get your friends' attention. Just use the app.

Because on page 1 on the right side of the screen, you can see both the number of people you are looking at and the number of people following you. Of course, if you don't get feedback from the people you follow, then of course don't follow them except celebrities. They are not as important as the ones you follow. For influential people, this app is more important. This will help people analyze trends and make their social networks more popular.

Register with the Gold Member for more powerful benefits

If you are a free user and you just need to know the basic information, you will not have to spend any money because of this feature. But celebrities need it because they need more insight to maximize their impact. Once you use the money to sign up for Gold Member, you can instantly get advanced data points like story details, post engagement data, and more! These are all things that can directly affect your profile. Getting to know them quickly can help correct behaviors that are harmful to you. Apart from that, the actions of users on social media were also very important to you. Because you, as an influential person, know that you have lost some of your advantages over information compared to humans. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. In this age, information is usually power.


Followers are a very important element for social media users in general and for Instagram in particular. If you have a huge following, then you are a celebrity. To keep followers, you need to constantly create content that keeps them engaged. You also need new followers to increase your influence. By exprofiling, you can show people that they won't follow you and show people that you won't back down. If you control this ratio, you will have a healthy and relevant social networking site with published content.

You can also see who is stopping you. The “Lost and Follow Gain” index is the most important and quickly volatile. If you are a celebrity, that is more important. After consuming all the interesting content on social networks, checking the ex profile will be a new habit of your day.

An in-depth analysis of your story

Since the story was released, many social media websites have started to feature on their platforms. This is a temporary post that will be hidden automatically after 24 hours. Only you can test it. It’s like a kind of fleeting spirit that you have to remember every year because of the “this day” function. The story is becoming increasingly important for social media accounts. Stories and contributions have become two different forces that are separate and unified on a single platform and support each other’s development. If you want your social networking site to be beautiful, you need to be careful about analyzing history.

Xprofile allows you to meet people who saw your story, who left your story, and who will take the story without you

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