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Rockstar Games
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6 24, 2021
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA: San Andreas) - Rockstar Games is a stranger gaming company to play a game of better. Celebrity free products, players get a lot of positive feedback. Among them, the Grand Theft Auto series (GTA). Rockstar is the most successful series, but players say San Andreas is still an indispensable place, and also a testament to later versions of the GTA. Ghosts.

The GTA series is the best story

As the fifth installment of the GTA series, San Andreas is the most exciting product for gamers. In addition, because Grand Theft was so familiar with the car player, success brought Junior to great progress. San Andres was good at having his superiors and even ordering shadows did not receive his own priority having inherited the previous mix.

Los Santos - Anger in the city comes from social evils. Carl Johnson left to begin a new life at Liberty City. But in his hometown, Carl's mother paid Carl back to kill and the criminals were chased. The idea of ​​revenge left a life of peace because Carl had a relationship that wasn't much.

Play the game

You have to find the truth and accept the destruction on the path of evil, will play the role of Carl Jones. You will be guided by the action of the game, task'll each individual conditions, so you have to work to complete the task sent. You can also drive a car on all the people who kill the road, road in search of the required kill. Thank you that there will be a shooting scene as well. Equip many weapons, use them accordingly. The world is yours, let us take a shower, but it's only fair.

The game, however, has a lot of activities in violent sports. Gambling, running, circus, booty ... you can do anything, anything goes. In addition, some "high" "honestly targeted" players experience variations. Free time can be a little troll rest. Compared to their superiors, San Andreas adds some great features, instead of a shooting attitude, you can't make a sense of other methods still boring.


In general, in the sandbox game, the graphics can be very good. Image details are carefully carved. The action is varied, in particular, to make sure that the players, please. The game card is very comprehensive, can be comfortable. The sound is also very good, the attitude of others to the game less noise details is really quite normal and to bring the big, it really is a great effort with the producer. The game was released to continue. Nevertheless, the sound of San Andreas can really be anywhere.

In the final

Grand Theft Auto: San Andres Features It has the ability to resist the temptation to lure the special role play with difficult gameplay and bring gameplay. Very detailed graphics, simple gameplay, helps to understand the different realities, but the players will not be disappointed. There are many things that you need to experience yourself to explore.

MOD info

V1.08 - Unlimited Resources, Menu Cheats
V2.00 - Infinite ammo, God mode
Code List Cheat!
Weapons Detection, Cheats Tool:
LXGIWYL - Weapon No. 1 Set (Shotgun Capture, Mini MP5, AK-47 Assault Rifle, Asks, 9mm Pistol, Rocket Launcher, Molotov Cocktail, Spray Paint, Brass Knuckles)
KJKSZPJ - Weapon Set No. 2 (Desert Eagle Pistol, sawed-tech 9, knives, machine gun M4, sniper rifle, fire, flame thrower, grenades)
UZUMYMW - Weapon Set No.3 (Machine Gun M4, Chainsaw, 9mm Pistol, Spase, MP3, Sniper Rifle, Thermal RPG, Mines with a silencer)
HESOYAM - Health, armor, $ 250,000
OSRBLHH - Increase its crime rate by two stars
ASNAEB - Erase your crime
LJSPQK - Its crime rate is 6 stars
WANRLTW, full clip - without infinite bullets, reload
AEZAKMI - You've Never Wanted
OUIQDMW - Full ammunition while driving
FOOOXFT - Have all the weapons
NCSGDAG - Hitman in all dimensions of weapons
AIYPWZQP - Get a parachute

Cheats for "Cars and Other Vehicles:

Maximize all the parameters of your machine - AQVQIMAHA
XICWMD - The Invisible Machine
PGGOMOY - Right Control
BGKGTJH - Only the cheapest car to drive on the streets
GUSNHDE - Only drive by expensive car routes
CPKTNWT - Blow all cars
LLQPFBN - Pink car
IOWDLAC - Black car
RIPAZHA - flying car
BMTPWHR - Those rural cars and pedestrians
FVTMNBZ - Only the car driving in the rural city
THGLOJ - Light traffic on the roads
COXEFGU - All machines installed nitric acid accelerator
VKYPQCF - One Nitro in all taxis
BSXSGGC - When they hit the car vertical

Codes behind the player for the upgrade:

BAGUVIX - Eternal Life (Immortality)
CVWKXAM - Endless oxygen
AEDUWNV - Never hungry
BTCDBCB - Trap, punch
Jryarshdsod - Kchek
BEKKNQV - Magnets for girls
OGXSDAG - maximum respect
EHIBXQS - Maximum Attraction
Natural Skills - All skills to raise the pump
AFPHULTL - Ninja themes
Kangaroo - super jump

Weather, address time Environmental GTA San Andres:

AFZLLQLL - Sunshine
ICIKPYH - Hot weather
AUIFRVQS - The rainy season
XJVSNAJ - Always Midnight
NIGHTPROWLER - Endless Night
OFVIAC - Orange Sky (21:00)
CWJXUOC - Sandstorm
PPGWJHT - fast game
LIYOAAY - Slowly
BAGOWPG - Sky on the head
SZCMAWO - Suicide
All traffic lights are green - ZEIIVG
YLTEICZ - Aggressive drivers
AFSNMSMW - Flying boat

More cheats for GTA San Andreas:

ASBHGRB - Elvis everywhere
BGLUAWML - They attack with pedestrian rocket launcher
AJLOJYQY - Beat each other for pedestrians
CIKGCGX - Beach Party
MROEMZH - Members gang anywhere
Control Band members Street - BIFBUZZ
JHJOECW - jump big bunny
JCNRUAD - explosion (smash n, boom)
CQZIJMB JCNRUAD - Other cars Armed cars explode!
LFGMHAL - Mega jump
IAVENJQ - Mega Punch
IOJUFZN - Status of racial riots
PRIEBJ - Subject Madhouse
MUNASEF - Adrenaline status
SJMAHPE - One (9mm) set
ZSOXFSQ - Hiring Someone (Rockets)

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