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앱 작성자:
Lyrebird Studio
2.3.0 Android 용
업데이트 날짜:
10 13, 2020
Photography is now considered one of the most exciting activities, especially for young people and in the world in general. With beautiful photos, people have access to a new kind of knowledge or recognition of their activities or pleasures. Not only that but taking photos or selfies is the best way to show everyday life and share personal stories with others through pictures or videos. If you frequently take selfies and want a professional and friendly photo editor, FaceArt may be the right option. It is a versatile photo editor with an advanced and modern photo editor that allows users to easily create the most impressive photo for everyone.

A simple, easy and complete user interface

Face Art is an application that can be used to change the user's default camera. It also has many amazing features that will bring the user a better photo experience. The user interface is a state-of-the-art camera with small and special icons indicating familiar features to inexperienced photographers. Apart from that, it also has a photo gallery with a simple interface that is tidy and uses simple colors to allow users to browse photos independently. The application has many different types of user interfaces and depends on the capabilities the user can see, such as: b. Camera surface, archive surface, and photo editing surface. Also, users can easily personalize the app, e.g. B. By changing the colors of the user interface, preferences, and user settings.

A versatile built-in camera for all circumstances

The main function of FaceArt is to take photos with multiple functions so that users can get the best pictures anywhere. The app has icons with a simple, easy-to-use camera interface and details to help users quickly grasp the functionality. In addition, users are supported by multiple horizontal scroll bars so you can change the recording mode by swiping. The FaceApp camera also has various presets. These presets can be personalized by users to help them express their unique style with each photo.

Different photo mods and live stickers

While in photo capture mode, users can use many different capture modes using the horizontal scroll bar on the device. These modes also include face tracking, portrait mode, selfies, and live stickers. The most notable feature is the live sticker which automatically puts the selected stickers on the user’s face. The app comes with hundreds of different effects that can be used to bring users to the camera to create cropped photos. FaceApp's capture mode is customizable and comprehensive, giving users many ways to discover and experience it all.

A powerful photo editor for beautiful

In addition to being a versatile photo editor, FaceApp is a professional-grade photo editor that allows users to easily create magic on their photos. Users can access a photo editor from a photo gallery by tapping any photo and selecting a function to edit access. In addition, the user interface of the photo editor has been refined while displaying elegant and modern beauty for easy user access. The app has all the editing features that users need to exclude their photos, such as: b. Changing color tones, inserting animations, removing objects, and adjusting adjustments. Also, there is a beauty editor for women with hundreds of options to make their faces look more beautiful than before.

With optional emoji library option

When it comes to selfies, there are a lot of selfies in today's youth. That's why FaceArt uses apps with hundreds of emojis that users can use independently. Emoji and stickers are varied and numerous, and users are assisted by a versatile search engine for any emoji that quickly matches photos. In addition, the app updates new emojis for users every week. The emoji library has a separate category that users can use on a daily basis.

Photo collection for photos

When a user wants to upload multiple photos at once to their social networking platform, FaceArt introduces collage creation for users. The app has hundreds of templates with lots of styles. Also, users can design their own templates that are available in the library. After selecting the template, users only need to add images for each slot in the template. Of course, users can edit everything directly in collage mode with simple steps.

FaceShooters always prides itself on one of the most versatile cameras that can be used on Google Play. It is also an app that has many features to help teenagers share great photos of the world’s social networking platforms due to the trend of fun photography. If you are looking for an advanced photo editor as well as an exceptional photo editor, FaceArt is the right candidate.

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