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NexStreaming Corp.
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9 16, 2020
Video editing is one of the more advanced editing requirements. Often people take a photo or selfie and then use tools to darken it. But if you want to do with video, it's hard. While this is still possible, only 20-second short video filters are available. Strict application is required for long videos. Keymaster is a great option for amateurs who just want to make a video for entertainment or can also be used by semi-professionals as a post-production app.

Simple, powerful video editor

More than 50 million downloads on Google Play have partially proven their credibility in the user community. Another reason is the user-friendly interface design. You can see it whenever you see professionalism in the video processing process, but it’s straightforward. The required parameters are clearly displayed in front of the user so that he can learn how to use them. More difficult access settings are hidden. You can only open and use it when you need it. It is not suitable for professionals - who understand almost everything, but very convenient for amateurs.


However, with ratings from experienced editors, "KineMaster" is by far the most valuable app. First of all, we have to consider that it has the most powerful video editing features on Android. This means that all essays that other essays can do; This can happen quickly. Multi-layered videos, color schemes, voice covers, background fusions, motion adjustments, transitions, subtitles, special effects ... all integrated nicely into tabs.

Like most editing devices, it supports multiple overlapping layers to create a complete video. The original video is added to the desired effects, e.g. B. Pictures, stickers, special effects, text, and signatures. You will arrange the video more clearly than the cameraman intended.

For videos with nice graphics but inappropriate colors, you can easily override the color filter above. If you add the right color to the photos, it will be more beautiful. For example, a golden sea voyage would be more appropriate than a sad tone on a cloudy day. Then add music, voice acting, and sound effects to make them come alive. A beautiful piece of memory has been created at the moment that is sure to be saved forever on popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Ticcock.

In addition, Kinemaster Pro can support steps such as cutting and merging short videos. Performances like funny movements and acceleration are useful for creating funny bumps. The sound is also adjusted automatically, which is very useful for users. After processing, the retrieved video is supported up to 4K 2160p at 30 fps. The higher the input quality, the better the result.

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이 응용 프로그램의 개발자는 NexStreaming Corp. 입니다. 웹 사이트의 평균 평가는 별 5 개 중 4.0입니다.

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