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Ludia Inc.
1.2.7 Android 용
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9 17, 2020

Lovelink is a dating simulation game similar to Tinder's social network. This is where you can find your partner, meet, date, and move on.

The present is not what it used to be, especially love. He went through many different stages to become a love story. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Then, go ahead and explore the .da approach to building a relationship. Nowadays, thanks to the development of social networking sites, society can only establish a relationship through the above SMS. Tinder is the best example of a special app for love seekers.

Lovelink - simulation game Tinder

Assuming you find love on Tinder, or you are interested in this type of dating, Lovelink is a game that your contemporary love will surely learn through the internet. It will be the most enjoyable experience you will ever have. If you think it's like a standard dating game, you're wrong. It will be a story told through text messages and players will also get to meet a lot of people. Overall, the experience is so real that you can’t imagine meeting any real person on Tinder.

Unique graphics, such as a teenage story for a 17-year-old love

Indeed, it is a unique present story. After reading manga for teenagers, you will realize that there are similarities between them. Let's talk about this first letter. This game recommends you more than 60 characters. They are all designed in their own way with beautiful looks. The images they downloaded as avatars are beautiful. If they were men, they would have a beautiful look with unique clothes. Women will show a lot of personality through avatars with bio series. The LoveLink design team has compiled information from a variety of sources and compiled a variety of people to select and “swipe right to do.” The game is perfect for a lot of people because it’s the right design.

In terms of an interactive interface, it's about 80% like Tinder. Therefore, whoever communicates is practical and suitable for everyone. If you've never used it in the world, imagine it is a social networking site. You will find love through avatars. Turn right if you want, swipe left if you don't, then text yourself until you feel the other person has a special love for you, a little further. Go up

The story is run by text, a kind of game, created by options

These games are very familiar to many people. Lovelink is a type of game that combines options and reading messages. This means that during the process of using the LoveLink social network, you are going to pick some people. Based on the bio line as well as the avatar photos, choose the one that matches your personality. Please wait a bit before they respond to you. This is similar to using Tinder. You have to wait a bit, you have to "swipe right", you can contact each other through the dialog.

When someone starts to suit you, both are put in private boxes. The story of the two will happen automatically here. This means you are not allowed to read the other person yourself. Your own characters will automatically text them and receive a reply message from the other party. However, the funny thing is that sometimes you can choose between two options to keep the conversation going. The way you choose this option leads the conversation to a different end.

Apart from that, you will also find pictures of the enemy. Players must use a number of diamonds to view these images. If you don’t want to see it, that’s fine. But this is always the best way to move the relationship forward in the future. "Lovelink" will have no way of earning diamonds. You can just deposit money there and just convert it into diamonds. In general, only stand-alone game developers can wait for it all. You also need to develop the game. If you want your story to move forward and get better and better, then support it. This is the right thing to do.

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