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앱 작성자:
1.3.3 Android 용
업데이트 날짜:
6 17, 2021

Music has become an integral part of our lives. Her grandparents know how to apply music in working and daily activities since ancient times. It gives color and happiness to our lives. Given today’s vibrant music market, the goal for musicians has always been to improve the quality of music for high quality and aptitude for listeners. To enjoy high-quality music, many people prefer to buy music players. Instead, you have a better option with Nyx Music Player.

Final design

Not only did we hear your music, but we also gave you a unique experience - hundreds of super beautiful themes and designs. I have to say that Nyx Music Player exceeds the standards of any music player. An artist's layout, cover, or picture is like a picture that catches your eye. Music tracks the transition easily and intelligently. Choose your favorite objectives and change them every day so that listening to music is the ultimate means of entertainment with varied vocals and flexible correction. It’s a multicolored picture attached to a song you really like and it’s of the highest artistic standard.

New validation functions

Each song has quotes that you like the most. But if you want to hear all this, you usually have to listen to the whole song over and over again. You don't have to be so complicated with Nyx Music Player. You can repeat this favorite music freely.

You'll find a playlist of favorite songs you've created. Please select them all and arrange them in the order you want them to be heard. One by one, music will be played according to your needs. Turn on and off timer music in the app and you will be requested to enjoy it immediately.

Standard sound

Great when you hear music that really sounds like that. This sounds like a natural thing, but not all apps are capable of it. Nyx Music Player is designed with standard 3D sound and optimal music frequency. Adjust your needs and feel better suited. Now the song you like has become even more melodious.

History of music on 24/24

Although there are many built-in functions, the capacity is not high. Make sure installing other apps doesn't affect your phone's performance. With maximum battery saver performance, you can enjoy listening to music for a long time without worrying about interruptions. You can follow tracks with built-in songs on the home screen. If you hear the charming part, you want to. No worries. Tell Nyx Music Player what you just heard, and we'll find it for you in another partition. If we allow sound, you can enjoy a lively and resonant Christmas season with more sound than traditional devices and apps. Music has always been indispensable in our lives. There is nothing that no one can deny. Have a fun day listening to the music you love.

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