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앱 작성자:
Xavier Guillemane
2021.9.1 build 20593 Android 용
업데이트 날짜:
7 04, 2021
One of the best forms of entertainment is because of the audio equipment podcast these days. Usually, the smartphone still records the radio or when these signals are regarded as unusually the best instrument of MP3s. But if a smartphone has become so powerful, you know. Everything fun can be integrated into it. Podcast Addict Xavier Guillemane and postcards allow for addictions edited by the best experience. With over 9M downloads, 450k reviews, 4.6 / 5 average rating over 1 billion episodes downloaded this app is drawn to be considered one of the # of this series.
The # 1 Podcast Addict App on Android
"" Podcast format "" is designed to give users the best experience of listening to you entertainment information. If you can spare time is not enough to play movies or clock, listening is the most intuitive and effective way. Podcast Addict is a useful tool for more integrated users around the world that are designed. This app allows you to integrate and manage almost all another popular audio entertainment environment. Podcasts, radios, audiobooks, neat live streams are integrated into YouTube, twitch, SoundCloud channels and RSS news. All major feeds are “addictive.

Podcast Addict The interface is suitable for most users. He organized a real social network in a few ways. At the top of the newspaper, we see the circular symbols to enable users to control all the information and how to navigate your applications. The following has been prepared on several different criteria. Top trends, where all things can be seen most clearly; As part of this new content and top audio ... Usually, all of the best entertainment audio formats are arranged, it is very easy to find players. If the content that they like does not like the property because the keyword they can find a way to search with thought.

Addictive to the podcast that you like, while subscribing to all the elements is strangely similar to the social network. Unless you subscribe to it when these channels have new audio, then you have to. Only by applying for this entry, you can make new content independently.

Audio, which is the most prominent sound quality and effects. Built like playback speed, the volume is increased so that silence, like mono playback audio effects, is all application ready so you can adjust quickly. It can be said that the effect adjustment system works very well, the audio files for the stream are gone download. In addition, if you have gone to download your device files, you can simply delete the playlist management is easy to find and enjoy them. Added mode, loop mode shuffle, and so that users can experience the most advanced features of the sleep timer, and hear more fun hours. If you want to make room for the device is not afraid to put it on the cloud system, bring it all.

MOD info

  • An additional key opens stations - should;
  • Disabled / Removed Unexpected Permissions + Receiver and Services;
  • Blocking Analytics / Crashlytics;
  • AOSP compliant. 

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