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앱 작성자:
Flippfly, LLC
1.19 Android 용
업데이트 날짜:
10 04, 2019
RACE THE SUN - Have you ever experienced 24 hours a day with a lot of experience? Not fast or not? Free personal, it's really a great day for a long time. But for very busy people, they too do not have time to enjoy a full night's sleep. So some crazy ideas that they would like to have more than a certain time each day. In fact, this is a stupid idea, but what about the possibility of the sun if you follow? That testable prospect became an important factor in its latest product becoming Flippfly LLC's GameMaker. The competition gives the Sun player old-fashioned play with a very new experience.

Follow the player allows the aircraft to control the sun. Of course, there are obstacles to the challenge. If you see that it is that the gameplay is based on the look of the classic arcade game. But graphics, motion creativity, and storytelling are being developed to new heights.

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The airplane market that you use is not powered by diesel oil is so prevalent. This is the most advanced tool dealing with solar energy technology. This means that the flight operation will continue and the sun will get the energy to go down. Difficulties start when large amounts of energy are needed, but the sun is used under their natural cycle. So that plane should run against the sun.

While part of the game players will be brought to the screen to support the screen vertically. Only when the finger is able to manipulate everything to control the game system is quite easy. He races ahead as the sun rises, and you have your finger on the sides of the screen, pushing the system to repel the restrictions.


The interesting thing in this game is the incredibly creative obstacles. Only vertical barriers such as vertical column sets and simple shape complexity constraints, for example, produce the original. But the players in the solar vehicle will represent obstacles of different sizes and colors. If you have to play at a higher level, the challenges will be more difficult. Do not lie down, they fall apart and go to the beginning suddenly you go into another scene. All you have and if they don't care is quickly losing the same purpose as all the disturbing players in their lives. The main objective is to optimize the highest score, concentrated forging route, to achieve a relatively short time. Demand fast and eliminate the stress and create fun if the player puts on the show. The most important rules you need to keep in the sun to stay down and never slow down is to go out of the plane.

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