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앱 작성자:
Uwe Trottmann
58.1 Android 용
업데이트 날짜:
4 21, 2021
Entertainment is an essential human need and there are many ways to entertain a person, e.g. B. Reading books, stories, or listening to music. There is an entertainment industry that many people admire the film industry. Millions of dollars worth of movies and television shows are released each year to keep the audience happy. Perhaps in the past, cinema and television were the most popular means of watching these movies. But now a new tool is born, namely smartphones and related applications. And the application that can bring programs and movies for users is SeriesGuide.


This app is not too difficult for users to use and like TV. Once installed, the user must launch an application similar to TV. There are many programs and movies to choose from on the main interface of the application. Just select what you want and the app will launch it automatically. However, there is a small indication that the application needs an internet connection to work. If there is no internet, the application will not work.

When users successfully discover what they want to see, sit back and relax. Users don’t need to do much, but just a few simple steps are enough to make the app experience.

Connect to cloud storage

The feature that gives users the most value in this application is probably related to the storage application's cloud storage. If the movie is of high quality, it will need a lot of memory to hold a movie up to GB in size. And not everyone has enough memory to keep track of a lot of movies. However, there is a place where users can save by using cloud storage without worrying about anything.

Users can save everything in cloud storage and even save movies there. This app can be linked directly to cloud storage to connect to user storage. Users can experience great quality movies directly without having to download them to their devices. This is the feature that makes this app so popular in the market. This application supports many of today's cloud storage, such as Google Drive or DroP Pub Box.

Easy administration

If users have a movie or show that they want to watch, but don't have time to finish, they can add it to their favorites list. If a user leaves the app when they want to watch a watched movie, it takes a very long time. However, once a movie is added to the favorites list, users will save it for easy search. Users can easily find them; Open the favorites list to see it.

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