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7 30, 2021

Whether you are a dreamer or a realist, even if you once admired the main characters of famous romantic films. Being the main character is the dream of many of us and Storypik has made those dreams come true. But don’t stop here, the outcome of famous acts will determine you, and the key to your destiny will be in your hands.

Game Description

Storypick is a simulation and role-playing game developed and developed by Com2uS. The game is played at a gentle, slow pace which is perfect for novel or comic book enthusiasts. The plot of the game's stories is told by beautiful Korean cartoon images that keep you immersed in them all the time. Also, you can start with a lot of romantic com mixes like the Netflix Kingdom, Channel Anne's hit "Heart Signal" and many other romantic and elegant works like the famous movie "Office Fish and Watch Ch: The Gossip Room".

You will be the main character of these famous works. Compared to the original version, you have the right to make it completely yourself and choose the end of these stories. When you get into this game you have to make a lot of decisions, some of which can be very difficult for you and some of which will make the stories more intense or dramatic.

How to play the game

Like many other simulation and role-playing games, you need to choose a story that best suits your interests and style, such as b. Content, world development, and more, which can be any work available in Storypic. Next, you can choose outfits and looks with extensive customization for the decor. After entering the game, you will come across familiar episodes that you have seen, but some of them are designed and described differently. Even with the same familiar graphics, you have many options to choose from in the game. No matter what, you can choose any answer to change your destiny.

Romance is created at the fingertips. After choosing your answer, enjoy the stories ahead and wait for your luck. The result is a virtual world that not only entertains you but causes your heart to beat faster.

Unique gameplay with beautiful graphics

The graphics are carefully taken care of, the lighting and colors are extremely harmonious, bright, and brilliant The content of the stories is out of the table and it is Korean classic to create a classic game that will take you into the romantic virtual world that you can. Hard to escape.

Uncontrolled gameplay is a big highlight of StoryPic. While it allows the player to easily become the main character and let his imagination run wild, he will enjoy making his favorite movies and TV shows his way. These stories full of electric shocks, fatal encounters, burning love with romantic gestures, full of love will amaze you.

Above are some details of the game that will bring you a time of romantic entertainment. You can choose the fate of these stories and then turn them into famous characters. Then let their joy reign as you choose story details for your works that will leave their mark over time.

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