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Alight Creative
3.6.2 voor Android
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mrt 21, 2021

Are you trying desperately to see if your friends are scared? Alight Motion is sure to make professional editing tasks amazing on your device. As you know, video editing always requires a variety of software and complex manipulations. It takes you a long time to learn and use them well. Not to mention that he needs certain skills and must go through long-term schooling. However, with this app for you, it can be helpful to create impressive videos, but it is very easy and fast.

New effect

Receive regularly updated trendy and new avatars. Quickly spot the tendency to be young, developed, lively, and full of personality. Alight Motion - Video and Animation Editor gives you a new look and style with professionally edited and edited videos. It is the number one application for modern graphics that first appears in the video editing application on the devices you use every day. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. The appearance of application and processing specialists is also becoming increasingly visible.

Video is the most effective means of delivering and interacting with content. Companies also prefer this product as their top product promotion method. Potential customers always get excellent attention, even those who have never approached the product before. But, not everyone knows how to make a video and has enough skills to attract viewers. As you all know, making a full video is not easy. This requires many elements. Skills and support tools are also extensive. Not everyone will be able to in a day or two. But now that you have Alight Motion - Video and Animation Editor, it's pretty easy.

You're free to create your own videos for everyday use on your phone or laptop. No need to go to a photo gallery or ask experts to do so. It takes time and money, but it's not possible that they did what they wanted to say through this video. With the new update effect system, you can freely choose as you wish. Get more freedom and convenience from preset function for smooth and easy operation. Numerous new effects have just been added and old effects have been improved. Make sure you keep every user happy, even the most demanding customer.

Interesting effects can be used to activate axing hexagonal tiles, hexagonal tiles, and so on. Expanded by small details like the app, dots, blur effects, mosaic masking, unwanted information ... almost all videos have an older version and have been updated to be more beautiful. For additional effects, when first used, users are specifically instructed on how to use, maximize, and maximize their benefits.

Improved performance

The first time you use it, you may face some difficulties. Technical Lot Motion - The video and animation editor has been significantly updated in the most recent version compared to the old version with many technical bugs. Apply the latest and greatest techniques to create the desirable, high-performance video that you will have trouble with when you have not mastered it. However, if you spend some time studying and following our detailed guide, you will find it worth the effort.

The advanced version is not intended to make users difficult or challenging, but to improve the quality of service so that you appreciate the products and learn from others. Give users the best quality products, so that customers are most satisfied. Our goal is to create an Alight Motion Brand - Video and Animation Editor.

Professional quality

It's about a variety of new graphic and sound layers, color, and visual processing effects, especially for Alight Motion - Video and Animation Editor. Different frame animations are created. All you have to do is choose. Don't forget, and you have the right to the standard filters we use most often and think you use for many videos. This will save you a lot of time and help reduce operation during use. Reduce the speed of the animation to make images easier and more intuitive. You can use and customize this in the toolbar in Presets.

Export MP4 videos and create trends with fun photo GIF. It’s great to make a photo GIF with you as the main character that you can send to friends and relatives. Leave it at the bottom of the comments and try to make your own mark, be proud of yourself because only you have it. And most importantly, you prepared and edited it yourself. How simple and enjoyable life is. The gradation effect also looks very simple and varied, the highlight of this version. Save the effects or features you like best so you can easily find them and use them later.

Free to use

You have to pay to take home the products you want to pick from the supermarket. However, to create a professional video like Alight Motion - Video and Animation Editor, you don't have to pay a fee. Because the trust and joy you get while using the app is our biggest motivation to improve this product. So don’t forget to introduce more friends and relatives to experience together. We are very grateful.

However, if you want to take advantage of some of the commercial and premium features of the software, you have to pay for them. And it will automatically renew until you cancel the package. Your subscription is via an account and can be canceled through Google Play. All this is done easily and quickly. Be confident. We always provide the most pleasant moments to our customers.

Did Alight Motion - Video and Animation Editor With the best features above, I hope you know how to create stunning videos for yourself. The new application is likely to make a small mistake. We hope to receive your comments after the experience. This is the driving force for us to create a better product next time.

MOD Info?
  • Paid Subscription Unlocked
  • Unlocked All
  • Pro Version Unlocked
Whats news?
  • New Effects: Linear Streak, Spin Streak, Zoom Streak
  • Improved Effect: Bend
  • Improved vector point keyframe indicators
  • Fixed all problem with custom fonts on Android 10 and later
  • Significantly improved audio quality

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Premium Subscription
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